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A Study Of Social Responsibility Of Chinese Oversea Investment Corporations Under One Belt One Road Initiative

Posted on:2019-04-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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This thesis is mainly focuses on the research of social responsibility of multinational corporations in China under the background of “ One Belt One Road ”.On the basis of fully absorbing the existing theoretical system of corporateion social responsibility(CSR),from the perspective of law and the legal regulation is the intervention criterion.It aims to provide enterprises,governments and society with a way to reduce cross-border investment risks and improve the corporate images of cross-border companies,in order to comply with the new normal economy so that build a goal of modern enterprise system.In addition to the introduction and conclusion,this thesis includes four parts :The first part is an overview of corporate social responsibility.This section sorts out the theoretical basis and ideological origin of corporate social responsibility.This section likes a literature review,it divides the ideological origin of corporate social responsibility into different ages,the very early corporate social responsibility,corporate social responsibility from the 19 th to the early 20 th century,corporate social responsibility in the 1950 s and 1990 s,and the 21 st century.The four major categories of corporate social responsibility.There are scholars who oppose corporate social responsibility in every period.The most impressive is Levitt.I think his views and reasons are unique but i do not agree.At the same time,several representative definitions and contents of corporate social responsibility and the legal characteristics of corporate social responsibility are clarified.The first part is detailed just hoping to try my best to explain the development path of corporate social responsibility and help to understand corporate social responsibility very well.The second part is about the social responsibility of the transnational corporation's overseas investment in the host country.This section describes the social responsibilities of overseas investments by Chinese multinational corporations to host countries.Since President Xi proposed the “ One Belt One Road ” initiative,the achievements of Chinese enterprises in foreign investment have continued to be remarkable,more and more multinational companies have followed.This section discusses the reasons why transnational corporations take on social responsibility.Due to the specificity of multinational corporations and they are playing more and more important roles in the world economy,the social responsibilities undertaken by transnational corporations are mainly reflected in their commitment to the host country.After that,transnational investment not only expands China's foreign investment and accumulates wealth capita,but also increases the investment risks of China's foreign companies,they're include legal risk,economic risk and ethical risk.Since the policy “ Go Global ”,there will always happen that projects are forced to suspend or even fail due to various investment risks.This will cause huge losses to both China and the host country.The third part is emphasizes about the status of Chinese enterprises' overseas investment and social responsibility fulfillment under the background of “ One belt One road ”.On the one hand the background and value of the “ One belt One road ”,and the measures taken to achieve investment facilitation,as well as changes in overseas investment by Chinese companies.On the other hand,there are stil so many problems on those corporations' CSR,so i will express that through some examples.In the fourth part,the proposal of overseas investment enterprises in the construction of “ One belt One road ” to fulfill their social responsibilities in the host country.This section is all about countermeasures.In the aspect of suggestions,the construction of the legal system for transnational corporations' social responsibility and other paths were proposed.In the improvement of the legal system of social responsibility for foreign investment corporations in China,the author believes that the combination of “ soft law ” and “ hard law ” should be better to use.The enterprises undertake social responsibility on them own,then continues to advise the enterprise on the standardization and operability of fulfilling its social responsibilities from the two perspectives of guiding the enterprise in establishing social responsibility awareness and fulfilling the norms of the international community on social responsibility of transnational corporations.
Keywords/Search Tags:CSR, One belt One road, foreign investment, risk of investment
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