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Research On Legal Issues Of Broadcast Right Of Sports Events

Posted on:2019-05-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2346330545490194Subject:Science of Law
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Today,the broadcast of sports events can be described as hot in the sports industry.There are unusually frequent market transactions concerning the broadcasting rights of sports events.A large amount of capital is flooded into the sports events broadcasting industry,and the distribution of sports events to the broadcasting industry has given rise to huge benefits.This has become the development of the current sports industry.trend.However,some broadcasters of sports events have become more and more serious in broadcasting sporting events or stealing signals from other agencies without authorization or permission.Rights holders have also created rights protection cases for the protection of their own rights and economic interests.However,from a legislative point of view,there is currently no clear legal provision to protect it,and the legal nature and ownership of broadcasting rights for sports events in the legal academic circles have been constantly controversial.Once a sports event broadcasting right infringement case has occurred,the interested party or the judicial authority cannot find a clear legal basis,and it is easy to fall into a wide range of disputes,and the dilemmas with different award results are very prominent.This article takes the legal issues of broadcast rights of sports events as the research theme,and based on relevant basic theories,combines the academic research status at home and abroad,as well as legislative practices,specifically elaborates the rights of broadcasting rights of sports events that belong to compounding,and believes that these rights should be divided.The research on sports broadcasting rights at different levels is specifically divided into:broadcast rights at the broadcast level and broadcast rights at the literal level.Based on this thesis,through the comprehensive use of comparative research,empirical analysis,etc.,the main types of infringements in sports events have been clarified,and the cases of broadcast of sports events in recent years in China have been sorted out.The Inadequacy of the Legal Protection of Right of Broadcasting of Sports Events.Finally,it puts forward sound suggestions for the legal protection of broadcasting rights of sports events.It is expected to improve the legislation of broadcast rights of sports events,increase the amount of judicial compensation for infringements in judicial practice,and reduce administrative intervention to make wider use of the market to regulate sports events.
Keywords/Search Tags:sports broadcast rights, legal nature, broadcast organization right
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