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The Research Of Legal Protection About Olympic Network Broadcast Rights

Posted on:2019-12-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The Olympic Games is the largest sports event in the world,and its broadcasts have also become more and more wide.China has successfully held the 2008 Beijing Olympic Summer Games,and it will host the 2022 Beijing&Zhangjiakou Winter Olympics.Nowadays,with the rapid development of the Internet industry,the traditional sports industry and modem media technologies have become more and more close,and the sports network has gradually taken shape.In 1996,since the Internet entered the Olympic broadcast industry,it occupies an important position in the Olympic Broadcasting in 2008.And then the Internet broadcast of the Olympic Games in 2016 has achieved rapid development in the Olympic Games.As a result,the Internet plays an important role rapidly.The research on issues related to the rights to broadcast the Olympic Games is more significant to the hosting of the Olympic Games or the sports events.With the gradual internationalization and commercialization of the sports industry,coupled with the continuous maturity of modem network technology,sports network broadcasting is becoming more and more important in the sports industry,meanwhile more and more disputes have been caused.However,as one of the most influential powers in the world,our country has not stipulated clearly the rights of sporting events and the rights of internet broadcasting,neither the perfect protection of the rights to broadcast the Olympic Games network.At the same time,the other countries have great reference to the protection of the Olympic broadcast rights,so does the judicial practice.Therefore,it adopts the foreign preference for the protection and judicial practice of the Olympic Games network broadcast rights.The actual situation of the study is the only way to improve the system of Olympic broadcast rights for our country.This article starts from the analysis of the meaning of Olympic broadcast rights,and it probes into the legal nature and the disputes over Olympic broadcast rights.Combined with the international protection of Olympic broadcast rights and the protection of status at home and abroad,several issues should be more noticed when protecting the broadcasting rights.The first part expounds the basic issues of Olympic broadcast rights.As the rights of broadcast the Olympic Games don't have legal concepts,the concepts of the Olympic broadcast rights are clarified,and then the domestic and international perspectives on the legal nature of the Olympic Games broadcast rights are explored,the subjects and objects of the law are clarified.The second part analyzes the potential infringement Forms of the Current Olympic Network,and relevant international law and the Olympic Charter about protecting Olympic Broadcasting Rights.Combined international law and domestic law,the flaws in the current protection path of international law are discussed and perfect ideas are proposed.The developed countries in Europe and the United States about broadcasting industries have described the protection status and judicial practice of the Olympic broadcasting rights.They summed up the current protection model and legal provisions.The last part of the article describes the protection of the Olympic Games network broadcast rights in our country.And it further describes the protection with the judicial practice at home and abroad.At the same time,with the historical evolution of China's broadcast industry,the analysis of the protection of the Olympic broadcast rights,and it finally concludes that we should set a goal from improving the legal system and establishing a good industry environment,it combines with the actual situation to make a better advice about the Olympic broadcast rights.
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