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The Historical Evolution Of The Thought Of Shared Development Since The Founding Of The People's Republic Of China

Posted on:2019-01-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the introduction of the five development concepts on the fifth national congress of the Communist Party of China,sharing ideas has received increasing attention as one of the five concepts.This is not only the new layout and the new requirements in various aspe cts of the new era,but also a highly summarized and innovative construction practice since1990 s.It is worth mentioning that the idea of “shared development” is not only the foothol d and ownership of other development concepts,but also plays an important role in the five major new development concepts.The idea of shared development has a long history.The wise men of the past were eag er to establish an ideal society in their spiritual world due to the collapse of the ritual and music system.Therefore they made a related discussion about what Datong mea nt in the Book of Rites.During the Eastern Jin Dynasty,the Dynasty was extremely corrup t and the people were suffering.Tao Yuanming knew that this situation could not be chang ed and used the "Peach Garden" to place his own political ideals.This article also describe d the ancient people's longing for Datong society;People's pursuit of Datong society didn't stop because of the advancement if time.Instead,it has become more specific.For exampl e,the celestial field system implemented by the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom can reflect peo ple's longing for Datong society.Traced back to China's modern times,the great powers in vaded China deeply,the country was defeated and the home lost,people were enslaved.Ka ng youwei's Great Harmony and Sun yat-sen's Three People's Principles have made a new description of Datong.Shared thinking is not only embodied in our traditional culture but also elaborated in the books of Marx and Engels.When Marx was working in a newspaper i n his early years,the Prussian government issued a forest theft law against the poor people just because they pick dead twigs and withered leaves in the forest.Marx was angry and de fended people's rights,and discussed fairness ans justice in public.Engels went deeper int o the grassroots to understand the hardships of the people,so as to safeguard the rights and interests of the working people and pursue fairness for them.Therefore,in the articles of M arx and Engels,it is clear that under the communist system,the masses of the people enjoy the essential living material and means of production and development are truly fair and ju st.The hard-working,intelligent and well-known leaders have combined the Marx's shared development concept with our country's specific circumstances,and have made this theor y more suitable for our country's reality.At the beginning of the founding of the People's Republic of China,all things were awaited,and the idea of shared development sprouted at this time(Mao Zedong Period and Deng Xiaoping Period).Mao Zedong pointed out that if we want to achieve common prosperity,we must take the socialist road as the only way,a nd the fundamental way is to promote economic development and vigorously develop the p roductive forces,but the realization of the goal doesn't happen overnight,it takes along tim e and concretely requires “two steps” to achieve the goal.The viewpoint of Deng Xiaoping is based on the thought of the previous leaders.He opposed the economic gap between the poor and the rich,but it doesn't mean that everyone has the same distribution,but public o wnership is the institutional guarantee for the realization of the theory and the echelon deve lopment view to ensure some people get rich first and help the later in order to achieve co mmon prosperity.At the turn of the century,it was unpredictable and the idea of shared de velopment was formed during this period(in the period of Jiang Zemin and Hu Jintao).Jia ng Zemin combined practice and theory together and proposed the "two-step" policy,"thre e steps " strategy and built a well-off society in an all-aroundway.Hu Jintao has creatively r eleased the core of sharing ideas: people-oriented;the goal of sharing ideas: a harmonious society;the path dependence of sharing ideas:scientific development.In the new era of prof ound changes in the new normal economy and the major social conflicts in our country,the Chinese communists led by Xi Jinping have further enriched and developed the idea of sh ared development.He believes that this idea is enjoyed by all people in the process of grad ual progress,the innovation of his ideology is to promote the sharing of all people and the common enjoyment of the global through the breakthrough of institutional mechanisms.Th rough the careful review of the evolution of shared development ideas,we have found that the main characteristics of shared development ideas since the founding of the PRC were i nstitutionality,relativity,periodicity and development;the essence of sharing development since the founding of the PRC was centering on the people and keeping up with the reality of China.The evolution of shared development thought since 1949 is not only of far-reachi ng theoretical significance but also of practical significance that can be used for reference.In theory,it has enriched the understanding of the party's ruling law,the law of socialist co nstruction,and the law of human society development.From a practical perspective,it is co nducive to improve people's well-being,enhance national unity and cohesion,and it plays a solid role on the ruling status of our party.In general,the study and exploration of the shared development ideological history si nce the founding of the People's Republic of China has deepened the understanding of the works of Marx and Engels,clarified the relevant applications of Marxist theory in our country,and helped us center on people's interests to make effective institutional arrangements and reduce the disparity between the rich and the poor under the construction of our countr y in the new era in order to ultimately reach the goal of China's common construction and s haring.
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