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A Study On Feng Yonlan's Thought Of National Revival During The Anti-japanese War

Posted on:2019-02-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2346330563954745Subject:Marxist theory
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In 1931,Japan launched the "918" incident,the ambition of embezzling China began to manifest,the national crisis became the main social contradiction,with the Japanese imperialist's aggression continuously intensified,the Chinese nation was in the severe moment of subjugation and extinction.Chinese people with lofty ideals actively sought a way out for the country and offered advice to the country.The trend of national rejuvenation came into being and developed under such a historical background.Feng Youlan,as a patriotic intellectual,explored hard in the field of philosophy.On the basis of family enlightenment and upbringing education,Feng Youlan complied with the call of the times and formed a unique thought of national rejuvenation.His thoughts include political,economic,cultural and social aspects.Compared with other patriots of the same period,his thoughts are more systematic,in-depth,and comprehensive.Stand on the standpoint of historical materialism,Feng Youlan studied the fundamental differences between Chinese and Western culture,he put forward the "The theory of Chinese and western type" and explored the road of China's revival.Although Feng Youlan's thought of national rejuvenation is rooted in the historical soil and restricted by subjective and objective factors at that time,it contains the commonness of the road of rejuvenation in China today,which has important practical enlightenment.The traditional national style advocated by Feng Youlan provides contemporary enlightenment for the development of modern society.The national spirit he advocated can be used for reference to the "Chinese spirit" that is attached importance to today.The integrity of his thoughts and some long-term views are of great practical significance to the realization of "Chinese Dream" today.This paper includes five parts.The first part describes the background and significance of the topic.The second part is an introduction to the foundation of Feng Youlan's thought of national rejuvenation during the Anti-Japanese War.Through the collection and collation of data,this paper summarizes four aspects,incluing family enlightenment,youth education,foreign outlook,and exploration before the War of Resistance against Japan.The basic factors of the formation of his thoughts are clearly expressed.The third part is the focus of this paper,through the systematic study of Feng Youlan's relevant materials,I combing out the main contents of his ideas of rejuvenation,which included four levels of political,economic,cultural and social,thus they formed a systematic and comprehensive view of rejuvenation.Based on the main content of Feng Youlan's revival thought,the fourth part summarizes the particularity of his thought through the theoretical analysis of horizontal and longitudinal.The fifth part is the most valuable part of this paper,through the elaboration of the content and characteristics of Feng Youlan's rejuvenation thought,it analyzes its great significance to the history and reality,especially the contemporary value to the realization of "Chinese Dream" today,and the enlightenment to the youth.
Keywords/Search Tags:Anti-Japanese War period, Feng Youlan, Revival of nationhood
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