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Research On Township Government Public Service Supply Dilemma And Innovation Under The Hollow Background

Posted on:2019-04-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2346330566465155Subject:Public administration
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The rapid development of urbanization has brought about the problem of rural hollowing.Under the current situation of rural hollowing,the township government has many difficulties in the process of providing public service.These plight not only affect the efficiency and quality of the rural government to supply the public service,but also restrict the economic and social development of the rural areas,as a grass-roots township government.We should respond to the call of general secretary Xi Jinping of the 19 th CPC National Congress to implement the strategy of rural revitalizatio,improve the rural public service system,and strive to build a service-oriented government.At present,the weakest areas of public service supply in our country are in remote western mountainous areas.Remote mountainous citizens pay a huge price for urbanization.Nowadays,there are structural problems in the supply of public service to rural population.The grassroots government organizations which is closest to the people should face the problems in the process of their public service provision.Based on the use of available resources,the government should innovate the efficiency and efficiency of the supply of rural public services so as to solve the background of population hollowness Under the rural public service supply difficulties.The research methods used in this paper are literature method,case study method,questionnaire method,in-depth interview method and statistical method.Through reading a large number of domestic and foreign literature to understand the background of the hollow population of various local governments to provide public services measures,select Xinjing Township of Gansu Province as a case analysis,through a combination of questionnaires and in-depth interviews to further understand grass-roots level and Comprehensive use of the data provided by the township government,according to the actual needs of screening,and finally finishing with statistical methods to get the research results.Through this research,it is found that in the face of the dilemma of rural public service supply,the township government should play a leading role in governance,assist the rural society to reconstruct the autonomous network of public service,and break this dilemma through the measures of government policy innovation,management innovation,technological method innovation and value innovation.This study is based on the perspective of the township government to improve the supply of rural public services,hoping to provide guidance and advice for the actual township government to provide public services.
Keywords/Search Tags:Hollow population, Public service supply, Township government
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