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From The Love Of "Cuanyueliang" To The Marriage With Multimedia Ways—A Study Of Changes Of Notion Of Love And Marriage In Miao Group

Posted on:2015-04-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Changes in the environment is the foundation of new things,the communication of new ideas is the reason of changes.Therefore,the changes of national culture is related to the influence of other culture.The ways of The new culture coming into the national community and affecting the national culture,are the researching fields which we need to conduct.The method of this article are observation which the author can get much information by joining the activity and interviews.In the article,we choose a Miao village named Dazhai in Guizhou northwest as research sites to study the view on marriage of Miao people around the issue of the impact of new culture to national culture.through the interviews of typical character,we describe the changes of the view on Miao's Marriage in different times,and analyze the question of media environment in which changes occur.Then we will try to find the media that play a major role in the dissemination of culture which influence Miao marriage views truly.In this article,according to the morphology and development of media technology,we will give three examples about love and marriage to find the main reason that take new culture.every example take place in different ages.The fist ages take the fire as a sign.the second ages take the electricity as it's sign.The third take mobile internet as it's sign.In the first ages Miao people communicate with each other with Spoken language when they fall in love.They call the progress of communication as "Cuanyueliang",in the second ages,because of the influence of electronic media communications,that Miao people can easily get touch with people outside take new culture that can influence the Miao's culture.Love and material became the focus of Miao third ages,Mobile Internet as a new information exchange platform can accelerate the speed of culture communicating,seeking to become the pursuit of personalized people in the dissemination of a new era is the young's goal.In this media environment,the function of marriage is to help people to develop their career.
Keywords/Search Tags:Miao nationality, communication, The view on marriage, Changes
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