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Research On Corporate Governance Of Professional E-sports Club

Posted on:2018-01-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2347330512993908Subject:Operation of sporting events
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Domestic and foreign researchs on corporate governance have never stopped,because it is with the economic development and industry changes continue to improve.Thanks to domestic and foreign scholars on the professional sports club research.The professional e-sports clubs have established a corporate governance structure from the outset.In this less than two decades of development,the professional e-sports club after ten years of exploration on the surface also appears to establish a corporate governance structure,in essence,did not fully adapt to this modern enterprise system.In recent years,with the rapid popularization of e-sports,the growth of the league scale and the continuous improvement of the league system,as the main body of the professional e-sports club was pushed to the stage,the establishment of a sound modern enterprise system to adapt to the company's development model,Independent business,self-financing is placed in front of the club first to solve the problem.The corporate governance structure is an important means for the club to use the modern enterprise system to carry on the management and management.Therefore,as the emerging industry,the research on the corporate governance structure of the professional electronic sports club is an important content to promote the club to adapt to the development of the industry and the modern enterprise system.This paper takes the corporate governance structure of China's professional esports club as the research object.Through the methods of literature,expert interview,case analysis and logical analysis,the theory of professional sports club,principalagent theory,power balance theory and stakeholder theory :the principal-agent relationship of the professional e-sports club;The power of the professional e-sports club corporate governance structure of the mechanism of checks and balances of the professional e-sports club's corporate governance structure;The division of labor functions of the professional e-sports clubs;The impact of external stakeholders on the corporate governance structure of professional e-sports clubs.Draw the following conclusions: China's professional e-sports club development time is short,the lack of professional management and management personnel,internal functions of the division of labor functions is not clear,there are different authorities overlap,do not follow the principle of separation of incompatible positions,internal supervision in name only;The club alliance is essential to promote the development of the whole industry,the professional e-sports club alliance is not fully recognized,the ability to control the club is weak,although the manufacturers in a more strong position,but not from the perspective of institutional construction The club to monitor and restraint,the government needs to strengthen the legislation to protect the stability of the club business;Combining the theory of corporate governance structure and the theory of stakeholder,it is considered that the model of corporate governance structure should be the common mode of governance of the professional e-sports club.The construction of the corporate governance structure of the professional e-sports club still needs to strengthen the stakeholder Participation.
Keywords/Search Tags:electronic sports, professional sport club, governance structure, property rights structure, power checks and balances
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