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Research On The Influencing Factors Of The Flipped Classroom Learning Satisfaction In BYOD Environment

Posted on:2018-03-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2347330515957968Subject:Education Technology
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The rapid development of information technology promotes the process of human society,but also has a revolutionary impact on the development of education which promotes the continuous transformation of human learning.The flipped classroom is a new teaching model in the international education field in recent years.It has been reversed by modern information technology to reverse the process of knowledge transfer and knowledge internalization,and has been widely praised by the international education community.Now there are many schools in the field of basic education in China has implemented the flipped classroom,but its teaching practice effect is not ideal.Hence,how to effectively improve the quality and effectiveness of the flipped classroom is the urgent problem to be solved.Learning satisfaction is often used as an important indicator of the effectiveness of teaching and an important indicator of curriculum quality assessment.Therefore,based on the learners and the advantages of information technology,it is of great significance to explore the influencing factors of the flipped classroom learning satisfaction in BYOD environment.By classifying the literature,this paper analyzed the current research situations of the flipped classroom mode of teaching in our country and abroad,defined the concept of turning the classroom,learning satisfaction and BYOD,expounded the basic viewpoints of expectation confirmation model,technology acceptance theory,social cognitive theory,immersion theory and motivation theory,and the enlightenment to this research,aiming at providing theoretical guarantee for the study of the satisfaction of the flipped classroom learning.Based on the characteristics of the flipped classroom and the psychological characteristics of the learners,the research model of influencing factors of classroom learning satisfaction in BYOD environment is constructed,puts forward the research hypothesis and prepares the relevant questionnaires.In the paper,the students of 6 schools in Liaoning province were surveyed and the relevant data were obtained.And then through the correlation analysis and regression analysis of the data to verify the hypothesis model.The results of data analysis showed that the study variables had a positive effect on learning satisfaction.Among them,learning motivation,perceived usefulness,perceived validity,immersion experience and interactive learning activities can be used as predictors to positively influence learning satisfaction,while perceived ease of use and self-efficacy were not significantly affected.Secondly,in the learner's personal background,gender differences do not have a significant impact on learning satisfaction and the difference in learning time significantly affect the level of learningsatisfaction.On the basis of this,the author puts forward the relevant strategies to improve the learning satisfaction of the flipped classroom.It is hoped that through the research of this paper,to provide reference of Improving the quality of the activities in the flipped classroom with supports of the technical,and improving the construction of the flipped classroom,and thus better enhance the learning ability of learners.
Keywords/Search Tags:Flipped classroom, Study satisfaction, BYOD
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