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Research On Quality Assurance System Of European Higher Education(2008-2016)

Posted on:2018-03-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:W W TangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2347330518464635Subject:Educational Economy and Management
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As early as the mid-1980s,several European countries like the United Kingdom and France performed some quality assurance activities.From the mid-1980s,quality assurance emerged in other European countries quickly,which is a combination of factors,including fiscal limitation during a time of recession preventing further growth of higher education budgets,the massification of higher education,the greater demands for accountability in higher education and so on.In 1991,the European Commission promoted the European Pilot Project for Evaluating Quality in Higher Education in the whole Europe.Later between November 1994 and June 1995,the project involved 17 European countries and 46 institutions.In May 1998,four countries(UK,France,Germany,Italy)signed the agreement Sorbonne Declaration,which extended the cooperation of European higher education and its quality assurance.And then the Bologna Declaration signed by 29 European ministers of education on June 19,1999,which proposes that Europe should establish European Higher Education Area(EHEA)in 2010.After the establishment of EHEA,higher education quality assurance was still a priority of 47 European countries that took part in Bologna Process.So Europe countries accumulated a great deal of experience in higher education quality assurance.Also China wants to improve its higher education quality and transform from a large nation of higher education to a powerful nation of higher education,the key point is that China should set up its higher education quality assurance system.Therefore,learn from European experience and help the development of China's higher education,which is a wisdom.By analyzing and stating the foundation of establishment of European higher education quality assurance system from four aspects:history and culture,politics and economy,development of times as well as the structure of organizations,the paper concludes the internal and external quality assurance of European higher education in at present from the structures of organizations,involvement of stakeholders,management,standards and guidelines.As a result,the paper summarizes its distinguishing feature of quality assurance organizations,quality assurance management and quality assurance content.Combining with China's higher education quality assurance construction,the paper sums up some advice and enlightenment that can be used in China.
Keywords/Search Tags:European higher education quality assurance, internal quality assurance, external quality assurance
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