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The Research Of The Construction Of The Internal System Of Undergraduate Education Quality Assurance In The Institution Of Higher Learning

Posted on:2009-01-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J F PanFull Text:PDF
GTID:2167360242494976Subject:Educational Economy and Management
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The quality of education is the core of the development of higher education. In China, since enlarging the quantity of higher education in the year of 1999, the gross rate of admittance to colleges or universities reached 22% by the end of year of 2006, which marks the stage of mass higher education. Until now, the contradictions between quality and quantity of higher education have been less heated. Accordingly, the importance of quality assurance and enhancement becomes a major concern. In the new century, the higher education of our country will enter into a new period of development, which includes the expansion of quantity and the coordination of definition. The improvement of quality ought to the priority of the development of higher education. As the"basic education"of higher education, the quality of undergraduate education directly influences the quality of the whole quality of higher education and the realization of the massification. People especially paid attention to the quality of undergraduate education. Education quality assurance system is a management tool to stimulate the educational activities to develop in a expectant way. The main task of letting China's higher education to be developed is to establish the internal system of undergraduate education quality assurance, which should be adapt to our country's situation under the consideration of the characteristics of higher education and the right of self-determination endued by the law of higher education.The author of this article makes an attempt to probe into the issue with the methods of documentary analyses, international comparison and investigations. And the article becomes direction with the theory of system and Total Quality Management. From the angle of internal managements of the institution of higher learning, he makes an overall discussion on the quality assurance mechanism of undergraduate education in theory and practice. He tries to make a generalization of the issue and sets up the internal system of quality assurance primarily, aiming at better cultivating talents more scientifically and propelling the pursuit of development forward healthily, sustainablely and deeply.This article is divided into four parts:In the first part, the author firstly dissertates the reasons choosing this title. Then the meaning, the line of thought and main research method are explicated. Finally, the author defines the relevant concept. For defining the relevant concept, the author thinks writing of the article is vital, which is the base to research deeply.In the second part, the author summarizes and analyzes the relevant study on the quality of higher education abroad and introduces the internal system of quality assurance of UK and Australia primarily. Through admitting and learning from their successful experience, the author put forward some suggestion to our country's higher education.In the third part, the author arranges and represents a series of problems of quality assurance job of higher education in our country and analyzes the relevant influencing factor systemly. Finally the author generalizes some trouble the institution of higher learning must be confront with.In the forth part, aiming at the actuality of quality assurance and above problems, the author put up the internal system of undergraduate education quality assurance and research it's further operating, with the guidance of Total Quality Management, which considering of the characteristic of undergraduate education and internal managements.
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