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A Study On The Internal Quality Assurance Of Master Degree Education In Durham University Of Britain

Posted on:2019-05-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2417330545979947Subject:Higher Education
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The birth of master of education is the need of social development.It's the product of education itself.The education progress of Ed.M in UK is relatively late.Because its practicality can conform to the need of high-level and applied talents to socioeconomic development in Britain.The education development of Ed.M in UK is growing rapidly.Not only does the quantity gradual increase,the pattern is also diversified with each passing day.At present,the quality of British Ed.M has been in the front rank of the world.Its internal and external quality assurance of master degree education are relatively impeccable to guarantee the cultivation quality for Ed.M and has a great influence around the world.A study on the quality assurance measures of master degree education in Britain will provide a reference for the development of master of education in China.This thesis is mainly studied through the internal and external quality assurance of the Master of Education at Durham University in the United Kingdom.It has features such as participation in diversification,quality standardization,diversification of security methods,comprehensive protection mechanisms,and full-process protection methods.Using the literature research method,historical research method and case analysis method,the evolution and development of education quality assurance for UK masters of education are discussed;theoretical analysis of education masters education is conducted;emphasis is placed on analyzing and elaborating the external quality assurance institutions of the education master's degree of Durham University,such as the Higher Education Quality Assurance Agency,the British Graduate Education Association,other social organization groups and other institutions,as well as external quality assurance methods——higher education assessment mechanism and postgraduate experience survey to evaluate and review education masters of education at Durham University;An in-depth analysis of internal guarantees for masters of education is also conducted from the internal quality assurance agency of the Master of Education at Durham University and from the content of enrollment conditions,enrollment policy,faculty,training objectives,curriculum settings,training methods,graduation thesis,and employment prospects;Finally,we talked about the enlightenment to China from the internal quality assurance and the external quality assurance of the Master of Education at Durham University.We learn and use its mature physique and advanced concepts to ensure the development of a multi-educated main body of Ed.M,and to further improve quality assurance mechanism,reform of enrollment standards,development of flexible enrollment policy,and master training model for innovative education,highlighting the orientation of practical goals in order to promote the protection and promotion of education of Ed.M in China.
Keywords/Search Tags:Britain Durham University of Britain, Ed.M, External quality assurance, Internal quality assurance
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