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Comparative Study On Internal Quality Assurance System Of First-class Universities In China And Foreign Countries

Posted on:2020-10-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z J ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2417330596996101Subject:Social medicine and health management
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Introduction: Under the existing external quality assurance system,through consulting a large number of domestic and foreign literature research,comparing the internal quality assurance system of top universities in China and abroad,combined with the current situation of higher education in China,put forward targeted recommendations.In order to effectively complement the internal quality assurance system of higher education in China.Objects and Methods: This study examines the internal quality assurance system of Peking University,Columbia University,Cambridge University and University of Sakére through the literature method,and uses the comparative method to select the above four universities from three aspects: quality assurance institutions,quality assurance systems,and measures to improve teaching quality.In contrast,the survey method was used to randomly survey 745 students including students,teachers,and administrators in a university.Questionnaires were collected in the form of a questionnaire survey platform to investigate the above three groups of foreign universities.The recognition of internal quality assurance measures,qualitative frequency selection and composition ratio(%)are described.Results: In terms of quality assurance institutions,the four universities attach great importance to the quality of teaching.All departments of the school are involved in the teaching guarantee work,while the first-class universities in foreign countries set up full-time quality assurance departments,and implement the three-level management of the school and department departments,and the quality assurance personnel are sufficient;In terms of quality assurance system,all four universities have established a basic guarantee system for the whole process of teaching,and supplemented by a special system to further improve the quality of teaching.In terms of measures to improve teaching quality,four universities have established monitoring of basic teaching data and conducted teaching data.Analysis,timely announcement,and supervision,the difference is that foreign top universities actively carry out self-assessment,relying on information construction,attracting international students and enhancing international influence.In addition,the survey results of students,teachers and administrators of a university indicate that the successful experience of foreign top universities in quality assurance institutions,quality assurance systems and teaching quality improvement measures has been recognized.Conclusions: 1.Establish an independent quality assurance department and implement a three-level quality assurance system of “school-college-teaching and research room”.2.Establish a special system such as accountability system,teacher development system and off-campus expert system.3.Establish “school-teacher-student-employee unit” evaluation methods,quality assurance platform,and “Internet + education” curriculum resources and other diversified teaching quality improvement measures..
Keywords/Search Tags:Higher education, Quality assurance system, Internal quality assurance system
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