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Research On The Financial Risk Early Warning Mechanism Of JH Private Education Group

Posted on:2018-11-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In the economic situation in China into the "new normal" on the occasion,the development of private educationhas become the focus and difficulty of the 13th Five-Year "period.In order to encourage social forces to set up education,promote the healthy development of private education,the Chinese government issued a series of laws and regulations for private education documents,a clear top-level design direction of the private education system,which category management of private schools and for-profit private schools to become "two words of current private education industry.However,in the past period of time some of China's private education group or group(such as Nanyang education group,abou Education)due to financial difficulties generally sudden and difficult to resolve financial risks resulting in a slowdown in group or group or even collapse,and the financial problems which faced the shortage of funds,financial operations are included chaotic system,narrow financing channels,investment return period is too long,these financial problems also occur directly or indirectly exacerbated the private education group's financial operation risk.Therefore,this article from the perspective of group financial risk early warning,in reference to the relevant literature on the basis of the research on the index analysis of a series of theories and the financial indicators of financial risk warning JH private education group.From the results of the analysis and research,the first,focus on prevention of group construction and growth in the early stages of business risk.Second,we should further broaden the group's investment channels to achieve diversified investment.Third,we should further broaden the financing channels of private education groups to achieve diversification.Fourth,the financial risk early warning model based on cash flow.
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