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The Research On Revenue Sources Structure Of Different Levels Higher Education

Posted on:2018-08-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2347330536973035Subject:Higher Education
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Higher education needs to spend a lot of money,in ourcountry,because of the large population and the big demand for higher education,the government should assume the more responsibility of the development of higher education investment,The contradiction between supply and demand of education funds is more outstanding.Both between the different levels of colleges and universities,there are many problems about education funds.At present,although our country's higher education funding sources diversified situation has been fully open,but the government's financial allocation and The tuition fees,these two sources is given priority to,and dependence is more serious.The ability to raise funds between different levels of colleges and universities also have bigger difference.In general,in the field of higher education has formed the government policy and investment as the guidance,social positive response to the situation of the government.In particular,the higher level university to be able to get more education development funds,have more channels of funding sources as a supplement.And in contrast,low level of the development of the universities are in extreme poverty,on the one hand,difficult to get a lot of government funding,the development of education lost the strong capital backing,on the other hand,because of the limitation of its strength in higher education do not have a strong market competitiveness,and do not have a strong attractive to the society,cannot effectively broaden channels of funding sources.This article first through combing the historical evolution of China's higher education funding sources structure,in order to understand the different historical period,in the face of a specific political,economic and cultural background,The government's efforts in terms of higher education funds to absorb and draw lessons from the beneficial practice and to improve the structure of the source of higher education funds.Second,with the aid of case analysis of the different levels of colleges and universities education funding source structure,tried to analyze the differences and problems that exist,and also to make the analysis of the causes and influence factors.Embodied in this paper,according to countries about the division of the development strategy of colleges and universities,respectively from three different levels,"211","985" universities and the local universities on behalf of the school.By analyzing the information and data,I found that there may have four remarkable aspects between different levels of colleges and universities.They are,respectively,the government's fiscal appropriation,the extent of duality education funds,colleges and universities' s ability of self-raised funds and receive donations.The cause of this difference is various,mainly with the government's fiscal investment structure,the own school-running orientation and the various sources of funds financing capability.There are also many Related influencing factors,the main factors related to the government policy of higher education,regulations for efforts in universities,and universities internal factors such as students scale,the scientific research ability,teachers,and the school's reputation.Finally based on reality that our country at present is still in financial assistance from the government,Try to put forward the suggested countermeasures from three aspects.Respectively The government,the university itself and the introduction of the social capital.The government mainly pays attention to continue increasing the overall investment on higher education,In the aspect of policy leaning to the lower level of colleges and universities,Perfecting the current funding mechanism and establish distinct universities charge standard.Universities need to make their own aspects,firstly,finding the orientation of their hard,efforts to improve the strength.special attention also should be paid to improve the scientific research ability,secondly,to increase income,improve the utilization efficiency of education funds,and deepen the reform,To carry out the education funds management.Finally,enhancing university-enterprise cooperation and cooperation between universities themselves.Maximum digging their own potential.In social commitment,firstly,to raise the consciousness of individual and social to investment in colleges and universities,under the premise,to establish and perfect the system of social donation to help colleges and universities can maximum absorbing social capital.Hereat,starting from the three aspects,work together to jointly committed to the development of universities,and paying attention to the adjustment of the development between different levels of colleges and universities.
Keywords/Search Tags:Higher Education Funds Source Structure, Financial allocations, Self – financing, Social capital
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