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A Study Of Innovation-Entrepreneurship Ability Training Of Students Majoring In Physical Education In Independent Colleges In Fujian Province

Posted on:2018-09-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2347330542477364Subject:Physical Education and Training
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The state council to speed up the development of sports industry,promote the sports consumption of the several opinions of the pointed out the direction for the development of sports industry and lead the trends of the development of the sports industry,also provide the reference for professional sports education.As "mass innovation,peoples" slogan is put forward,innovation entrepreneurship is up to the national strategic level.As the characteristics of private higher education college,its subject and education development always disadvantage,the structure of the limited resources lead to independent college much-maligned on talent training quality.When the professional sports talents cultivation of creative ability training become the reform direction,creative ability training of independent college sports professional students study became possible.Clarity in Fujian province from the perspective of history and reality development situation of independent college sports professional understand its specialties and courses,students' innovative entrepreneurial abilities have investigated,according to 5w analysis,from Fujian independent college sports professional students'innovative entrepreneurial ability reason(according to entrepreneurship and innovation ability to contain What content(What),the problem of cultivating the ability of innovation entrepreneurship(Where),training time(When),cultivation responsible person(Who)as well as the countermeasures of independent colleges in Fujian province(How)and so on six aspects of sports professional students creative ability training,this article mainly USES the literature material law,questionnaire survey method,text analysis and mathematical statistics method,interview method and so on research methods of independent colleges in Fujian province sports professional students creative ability training,finally get the following conclusion:1.With a review of the literature and finishing,according to the Angle of history and reality of Fujian province,compares and analyses the independent college sports professional curriculum study found in Fujian province,the cultivation of the independent college sports professional students' innovative ability in the curriculum,the same major setting goals is not clear,professional characteristics is not obvious,discipline curriculum proportion is more,less proportion of practical courses,innovative entrepreneurship courses.2.Two different professional average score is not high,in the aspect of innovation ability has a tiny difference.3.Found that union college sports professional sports professional students'innovative entrepreneurial ability grade with a linear relationship with growth.Professional education according to the requirement of the cultivation of innovation ability the stage characteristics of fusion,to the cultivation of innovation ability can not cutting,can limit in grade one,should be throughout the entire university career.For freshman students need to pay attention to the cultivation of innovative undertaking,change students inertial thinking,preliminary set up career planning.Sophomore students need innovative entrepreneurial ability of learning and obtain preliminary,focusing on professional education and innovation ability training,strengthen students clear career oriented and ability to guide and promote the implementation of flexible length,has adopted the examination system and teaching methods.Junior grade student because of course is coming to an end,creative ability training will also be at this stage to finalize the design.Junior at,therefore,needs to be emphasized the combination of creative education and professional education,continue to innovate ability of learning and to strengthen,encourage students to participate in innovation entrepreneurship competition,and carry out the second class and third class credit certification and management,to the cultivation of innovation ability from multiple perspectives.Senior year students professional ability and professional ability are the basic forming,the has much significance for teaching,so you need to do is to emphasize students' practice and innovation ability,practice to help students understand the professional demand and industry demand,promote the creative achievements,to achieve maximum innovation ability enhancement.4.Schools,colleges,teachers are creative ability training is mainly responsible for the main body,to the cultivation of innovation ability need coordination of the three.School as the logic starting point of cultivating the ability of innovative undertaking and it did not just for macro design,creative ability training,promote the innovation of cultivating the ability of entrepreneurship education concept,also need to evaluate effect of its implementation and supervision,guarantee the creative ability training in the range to effectively implement.Second,college(department)as head of micro level,the need to cultivate innovative entrepreneurial capacity to make concrete implementation opinion and implementation method,should actively adjust the professional structure,to promote the cultivation of innovation ability,change the teaching mode and teaching method,strengthen the professional education fusion of cultivating the ability of entrepreneurship and innovation,make the professional team of teachers,professional guidance to students' innovative entrepreneurial,organize special training for the teachers learn,improve teachers' teaching level of the business.Finally,the teacher is the direct perpetrators of creative ability training,is the guarantee of the quality of teaching,as head of the micro level,teachers need to improve the teaching level,enrich teaching means,realize the fusion of creative ability training and professional education,promote the students' interest in innovative undertaking,for the teaching and learning effect reversed transmission colleges,schools for the perfection of related policies and rules,promote sports professional students creative ability training.
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