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Correlation Analysis And Results Of Physical Health Test Among Undergraduates In Zhanjiang

Posted on:2018-12-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2347330542977316Subject:Sports teaching
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Improve the physical condition of students has become the national higher education is currently an urgent solution to the problem.In the context of the relevant departments of the country and in the national university joint advocacy "out of the network,out of the dormitory,go to the playground" under the background,taking the students of three universities in Zhanjiang as the object of investigation,we randomly sampled 3,000 students and filled out the questionnaire in real name to understand the present situation of college students 'physical exercise,and clarified which factors were negative or positive for students' physical health and to extract the results of their physical health tests in 2015 as a sample to understand the status and characteristics of college students'current physical health and to analyze the causes.Finally,600 students' questionnaires were randomly selected and analyzed for their physical health test data to understand the correlation between the two.The results show that:A:BMI value is related to the frequency,duration and intensity of individual exercise,but considering that the growth and development of college students' bones have stabilized at this stage,the effect of physical exercise on height is not significant,but the impact on weight is extremely obvious.B:The physical exercise of the project type,intensity,duration of the impact of the size of the lung capacity is a significant correlation.The frequency of exercise has little effect on the vital capacity,probably because some of the regular exercise of the students in the sports,the intensity and exercise is not,time is not long,so the lung capacity can not achieve the role of stimulation.C:In the case of physical exercise,the choice of sports and the duration of each movement on the speed of quality is no significant correlation,but often exercise and exercise intensity in the middle of the students,the speed of good quality.D:The impact of the type of project on the quality of the power is significantly related to the movement frequency,intensity,duration of the strength of the quality is also affected.E:The endurance quality,physical activity of the leading class of sports,often participate in exercise and exercise intensity in the middle above the duration of 31-60 minutes in the form of exercise on its impact is very significant.
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