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A Study Of Learning Outcome Of General Education Curriculum And Its Influence Factors In Nanjing University

Posted on:2019-02-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2347330545485203Subject:Higher Education
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The first-class university should have first-class undergraduate education.General education,especially for graduated education of the first-class universities,is very important.General education ask for students learning through cross-cultural,interdisciplinary,ancient and modern,home and abroad to cultivate students' a variety of ways of thinking and to become all-round development of people with the awareness of global citizenship and being cultural successor who can shoulder social responsibility and participate social life actively.Its idea of all-round development is decisive significant to undergraduate education in the era of building a community of common destiny.Students' gaining is a necessary guarantee of higher educational quality.Which factors influence students' learning outcomes?Based on the empirical study of general education curriculum in Nanjing university,this paper explored the factors of CEQ,SPQ,mind and virtue-oriented engagement scale,critical thinking inventory scale,three-dimensional key purpose of general education curriculum sacle,and then according to 3P modle,taking course perception as predictive variable,taking the learning method as the process variable,putting the three-dimensional key purpose of general education course and critical thinking as learning results,verified the 3P model.On this basis,added mind and virtue-oriented engagement in the prediction process,the influence mechanism of curriculum perception and learning participation on learning methods and learning outcomes of general education courses was explored,by which the 3P model was further supplemented and improved in the empirical research of a research university in China.Base on the empirical study of general education curriculum learning experience of undergraduates in Nanjing university,this study is aiming to analyze learning outcome of general education curriculum and its influence factors.It includes generic skills,critical thinking and three-dimensional key purpose of general education curriculum.While its influence factors include course perception,student engagement,learning approach.According to Biggis's 3P model,this study firstly proves 3P model through putting course perception into presage and learning approach into process and generic skills,critical thinking and three-dimensional key purpose as the product one by one.And then to explore a new 3P model which may reflect the mechanisms of general education curriculum learning outcome,student engagement is added in presage,and learning approach is replaced by deep learning approach.After analyzing of the date,there are four conclusions:Firstly,virtue-oriented student engagement is more influential and higher reliable than mind-oriented student engagement.Second,mind and virtue-oriented engagement has a greater impact on learning outcomes than course perception.Whether it is to the deep learning approach or to the learning outcome,mind and virtue-oriented engagement has more important influence.Thirdly,deep learning approach is the mediator between course perception,student engagement and general education curriculum learning outcome.Fourthly,the 3P model,in which course perception and student engagement are presage,deep learning approach is process and critical thinking and three-dimensional key purpose of general education curriculum is product respectively,works.In view of the above conclusion,there are some suggestions:Firstly,creating a more expressive and interactive course environment through strengthening the guidance of expression and communication and teacher-student interaction:teachers should adopt diversified and advanced teaching methods,which can build an inclusive and interactive course environments to provide students with "safe expression" channels.Secondly,to improve course perception through course perception and engagement from the perspective of course perception and engagement,the general education courses learning outcomes can be improved.For example,the Teacher Development Center and the Academic Affairs Office can strengthen cooperation,which can provide data and theoretical guidance for teachers'teaching reform.Teachers should treat teaching as an academic community,strengthening communication and sharing to improve teaching and creating a good teaching environment which will encourage students to participate.Thirdly,the evaluation of general education curriculum learning outcome should be more multi-aspect and diversified.The general education course itself is to cultivate students' ability and emotional development in various aspects.Therefore,the evaluation of the learning outcomes of general education courses should be conducted in more flexible and more efficient ways.Fourthly,it is deep approach that is the key to cracking the "Chinese learner paradox." In the learning process of Chinese students,behind the repetition and memory learning is the use of deep learning.Lastly,the integration of mind-oriented engagement and virtue-oriented engagement should be strengthen.At the end of the paper,there are some discussion about deficiency of the study as well as the prospects for the future study of 3P model and learning outcome of general education curriculum.
Keywords/Search Tags:general education curriculum, course perception, mind and virtue-oriented engagement, deep learning approach, learning outcome
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