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The Empirical Research About The Influence The Chemistry Mind Map Has On The Senior High Students' Deep Learning

Posted on:2020-09-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The high school chemistry curriculum,especially the elemental compound part,involves many contents,including a variety of basic properties,basic principles and basic knowledge,which constitute a complex knowledge system.Unless students are capable of cataloguing and integrating the knowledge,their learning efficiency may decrease and learning outcomes may be less than expected.This may make students only be aware of the fundamentals and assume learning chemistry is a very difficult task.The students may even lose interest in chemistry and be unwilling to take the initiative to learn chemistry.Therefore,"deep learning" is particularly important for the study of chemistry.The "mind map" is a convenient tool for building a compact knowledge structure by visualising thinking progress and integrating knowledge.After investigating and improving their self-made mind maps,learners may well comprehend,integrate the knowledge and solve practical problems,thus promoting the depth of learning.This research will employ mind maps in teaching first grade chemistry,and investigate the impact of mind maps on high-school chemistry education.Additionally,this thesis will make effective contributions on educational deep learning theory,mind map teaching design and practical teaching.According to the literature review,the author has clarified the concepts of mind mapping and deep learning.Based on the existing theory,this research will further analyse the effectiveness of mind map on the deep learning of high school students.This research has employed a series of essential tools,including questionnaires for acquiring students' deep learning ability,class interview for analysing the manner for teaching,etc.The design of the questionnaire refers to a variety of literature and many deep learning theoretical models.The class interview method is mainly to observe the students' attitudes toward the mind map,the frequency of application,and the effectiveness of use.Meanwhile,utilising the class interview method can also enable further research on the impact of mind maps on students' deep learning effect.The sample of this research is selected as the school students in Class 12,Grade 1 of Harbin 122 High School.Taking the content of "Element and its Compounds" in the Compulsory Book 1 as an example,the students are pre-tested after learning a section of the text book in the traditional way.Then,the students will be post-tested after taught with the approach of mind maps in another section.The consequences will be compared and analysed to evaluate the effectiveness of teaching with mind maps.In order to emphasize the functionality of mind maps,the author selects "Chlorine and Sulphur" in High School Chemistry Compulsory 1 by People's Education Press as the research object.The students are trained to skilfully use mind maps before attending the course,in order to enable students' migration and divergence ability in the progress of learning new knowledge,and achieve the purpose of researching on the impact of mind maps on students' deep learning effect.?After the experimental design and measurement tools are determined,the author has designed the teaching program for three lessons.By analysing the obtained data from the questionnaire and experiment using the software "SPSS 1.0",the following conclusions can be drawn:ind maps perform a positive effect on promoting students' deep learning ability.After reviewing the relevant literatures,this research has investigated the impact of mind maps on students' deep learning effect based on the author's teaching experiment about the "Elements and their Compounds" section.The consequences indicate teaching with mind maps can promote students' deep learning ability,improve their interest and attitude of learning,and enhance students' self-learning ability.
Keywords/Search Tags:mind map, elemental compound, deep learning, learning interest
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