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Research On The Construction Of Teachers Team In Newly Built Local Universities In Hunan

Posted on:2018-12-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2347330566463730Subject:Higher Education
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The cultivation of local applied talents,whose educational quality crucially depends on local teaching staff development in local higher education institutions(HEIs),is closely related to local HEIs.At present,in such an important period in which China is furthering the reform of higher education system,for the purpose of adapting to the multi-level requirements of personnel training objectives,our country is actively promoting the transformation of some local HEIs offering degree programs to applied ones,so as to further improve the ability of the local HEIs offering degree programs to serve development of regional economy and society.With new local teaching staff development in Hunan Province as the research object,taking S College as an example and through the literature research method,comparative investigation and study method,case study method and others,this paper concludes that "Teaching staff development acts as the basis for development of new local HEIs offering degree programs;unbalanced development of regional economy is the major cause that development of teaching staff development in new local HEIs offering degree programs falls behind that in developed areas;teaching staff development in new local HEIs offering degree programs requires joint provision of policies by the government,colleges and universities and the society;teaching staff development in new local HEIs offering degree programs targets in short term at promoting adaptation of teachers to the requirements of applied HEIs offering degree programs in respect of teaching and educating people,scientific research and serving the society,and in long term at developing an ethical,skilled,reasonably structured and vibrant teaching staff for new local HEIs offering degree programs,so as to provide faculty support to great rejuvenation of our nation.Firstly this paper elaborates the background,purpose and significance of the research,and defines some basic concepts.On the basis of carrying out field research and retrieving valuable data with the relevant government departments and HEIs,this paper analyzes the basic information on teaching staff development of new local HEIs offering degree programs in Hunan Province;Secondly,taking S College as an example and relating to information about other new local HEIs offering degree programs in Hunan Province,this paper sums up the achievements of S College in teaching staff development,including increasing improvement of the teaching staff development system,significant improvement in teaching quality and ability,striking achievement in teaching research,teaching reform and development,continuous improvement of teachers' ethics cultivation and further expansion of development potential for teaching staff;it analyzes the main problems faced,for example,structural contradictions in the teaching staff are still prominent;the overall quality of teachers fails to keep up with the demand of undergraduate teaching;teaching staff development is ill funded;talent echelon development in HEIs is faced with difficulties;the management of teaching staff is yet to be improved;teachers' ethics cultivation fails to meet the requirements of the new situation;and efforts made in education and training of teachers are insufficient.Such problems exist not only for the factors on the level of national policies,but also for the reason of colleges and universities and the teachers themselves.Finally,this paper provides specific countermeasures for teaching staff development in new local HEIs offering degree programs in Hunan Province: the government,the relevant departments and the new local HEIs offering degree programs should work with one mind,improve the awareness towards the importance of teaching staff development and increase support with policies and funds;improve teaching staff development from the aspects of system development and management;establish a solid development mechanism for teaching staff;continue to improve the profisional level of teachers and so on.The research results of this paper are to some degree contributive as a reference basis to Hunan provincial government and the provincial education administrative departments in providing policies and opinions on teaching staff development in HEIs,and they are also of theoretical significance and practical value for the strategy of Hunan Province to develop into a powerful province of education.
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