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Design And Implementation Of Archives Management System For Wind Power Company

Posted on:2017-12-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y G YangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2349330488489444Subject:Computer technology
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In the wake of development and implementation of informatization, information technology is utilized by most of the wind power company in managing archives nowadays, indicating an important developing direction of archive management in the modern enterprises. At the present times, the existing issues of conventional archive managing task in most of the integrated energy company, including but not limited to “poor data security, weak user concurrent operating force, unsynchronized data, loose binding of management system and the actual working procedure”, are a far cry from meeting demands of the fastest-growing and competitive wind power industry. Furthermore, managing archives in a traditional way has made it difficult to reconcile with the new technology in order to bring the new management model into full play. On this ground, the objective of this thesis is to satisfy the modern management needs of integrated power enterprise by designing and conducting their exclusive information-oriented management system.The main idea of this thesis is to analyze the aggregate demand of the integrated power enterprise’s information-oriented management system in China by scrutinizing its developed background and the status quo of relevant research. The research on web service technology has also made the design and implementation of the above system possible.In this thesis, we shall look at the macroscopic business needs of the enterprise information-oriented management system, with its flow process separated into six parts including data mining, daily management, information service, system security, system settings and software interface. Each part will be analyzed thoroughly so as to define its function in the system. Then we shall propose a logical structure and its major function, which is designed in certain method such as flow chart, timing diagram and etc. Lastly, we shall realize the above system by elaborating on some screenshot and critical technology used within the whole implementation process[1].This system standardize all archives and data files management by informatizing and saving them orderly and collectively in the server, soon after they are imported through scanning, image pick-up, integrating etc. It improves the archives use efficiency, embodies the safety and accuracy as the advantage of using data service, and eventually actualizes the ideal function in archive management system such as online management, searching and archive borrowing. At the same time, the system provides real-time communication channel for corporate employees to deal with their archive management task, which then realize the classification in the module throughout the process of deploying information technology for the enterprise. The realization and deploy of this management system has normalized, standardized and computerized all the archive management tasks at corporate level as well as branch level. As a result, it is not a dream anymore to have all archives fully utilized as management base within the corporate group.
Keywords/Search Tags:wind power, archive management, system design, informatization, security
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