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Analysis And Improvement Of R&d Team Management Problems Of DR Group CT

Posted on:2015-09-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2349330512470938Subject:Business administration
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The team is the important issue in management science,in the practical work application is very wide,the theory and practice about the team and team management in recent years also has a more extensive research.R&D team because of the important position in the enterprise,the R&D team management research has been paid more attention to gradually,the object of this thesis is the DR group CT R&D team,in the process of the rise of DR group medical service plays an important role,successfully developed a variety of world-class large-scale medical equipment products,successfully opened the domestic and the international market as the DR group medical service.But along with the market competition becoming mature gradually fierce,DR group medical in the competition of globalization ushered in more opportunities,but also challenges.Such as product technology,function convergence,own brand is the established international medical equipment manufacturers and a gap,talent competition at a disadvantage etc..To be competitive in this form of new products will be fundamental to improve enterprise competitiveness,DR group CT R&D team must consider its own strategy,team management and enterprise development historical task,improve the team management to enhance the team's ability to organize,support business development.In this paper,analysis of DR group CT R&D team management problems and propose the solution,to solve the management problem of DR group CT research and development team,through the promotion of change management to promote the organization ability,the research process and results are obvious reference to various types of R&D team management,especially R&D team management in R&D and competition under the background of globalization the author put forward the improvement scheme is proposed.In the process of the study on team management related theory were reviewed,carding and study,to lay the solid foundation for the author in the analysis and solution to build the theoretical basis.In order to better understand the current situation and problems of management team,this article through the questionnaire survey and interviews with key positions,to construct an analysis on the status quo of R&D team management of DR group CT,a comparative analysis of characteristics through the analysis of results and outstanding R&D team,this paper obtained and verified CT DR group R&D team management problems existing in the innovation culture,performance incentives,team development and communication management,need to focus on improving.Through the consult books,journals and all the papers in the problem definition under the premise,combined with the author's working experience,the author puts forward construction and DR group CT R&D team innovation culture construction process improvement,team performance,team communication and team development strategy of internationalization management improvement scheme aiming at the key problems such as series,one by one by one.In the process from the whole team management point of view to improve each process scheme is the organic combination of the mutual influence and promote.This paper elaborated on the relevant programs,in order to ensure program implementation and effect,the paper also suitable for DR group CT R&D team management improvement plan implementation safeguard strategy is given,to ensure the implementation of the process and result of project.
Keywords/Search Tags:R&D team management, team innovation culture, team performance management, development of team management, team communication management
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