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Research On Problems And Countermeasures Of Team Management In CX Construction Company

Posted on:2020-10-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2439330590953229Subject:Business administration
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Since the reform and opening up,China has undergone a transformation from a planned economy to a market economy.The management mode of Chinese enterprises is in the stage of continuous recognition,improvement and progress.In order to build various types of high-performance teams and enhance the competitiveness,innovation and risk resistance of enterprises,Many companies focus on organizational restructuring,introducing team management,emphasizing equal coordination within organizations and“flattening” organizational structures.In recent years,the business of CX Construction Company has developed rapidly,the output value of enterprises has increased year after year,the market share has been increasing,and the accumulation of capital has gradually expanded,and many achievements have been made.However,it has not achieved the expected results as a local company,and there has always been a shortage of team construction and management.How to effectively build and manage the enterprise team,how to make the team work stably and efficiently to achieve the strategic goals of the company,has always plagued the company's development.Firstly,the basic theory of team management was studied,and the basic contents of team culture and team performance theory were analyzed.The Patrick's team evaluation theory and the team evaluation of the nine perspectives of the two team evaluation methods were summarized,and the nine characteristics of the high performance team are summarized.Combined with the specific situation of CX Construction Company,the questionnaire survey method,the interview method and the inductive summarization method were used to study the problems of the team management of CX Construction Company and the reasons for the problems.From the aspects of team culture,team performance and team communication,the countermeasures for improving the team management level of CX construction company and creating high-performance team are proposed by using “4 straight composition method”,“7P performance management framework”,“five-one communication” and team culture.Finally,from the aspects of learning organization,communication mechanism and team training,the safeguard measures for team management countermeasures of CX Construction Company were put forward,and the research deficiencies of this paper were summarized.Based on the theory of team management,through the analysis of the current situation of team management in CX Construction Company,combined with scientific research methods,this paper finds out the problems of team management,and provides effective countermeasures for team management in CX Construction Company.Through comprehensive research,it enriches the relevant theories in the field of team management to a certain extent,and also provided a strategic reference for CX Construction Company team management.
Keywords/Search Tags:team management, team performance, team culture, team communication
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