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The Research Of The Financing Problems Of Small And Micro Enterprises Based On Inclusive Financial Perspective

Posted on:2017-05-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Small and micro enterprise is the basic unit of our economic system, create more than sixty percent of the gross domestic product each year and solve the employment of nearly a third of the population. Small and micro enterprises, with its flexible business model and excellent potential for innovation, has become the foundation of China's economic development by leaps and bounds, the market gradually expanding prosperity and employment steady provides.Small and micro enterprises also provide a solid driving force for China's economic reform.In China, small and micro enterprises often suffer size discrimination and ownership discrimination in financial system due to it's small size, weak resistance to the market risk, lower credit index, narrow channels of financing and other reasons. The problem of "difficult" and "expensive" that small and micro businesses generally faced in financing process has greatly restricted it's growth and development. The existing reformation of the financial system can not solve the financing needs of small and micro enterprises, however, the concept of Inclusive Finance provide new ideas and new opportunities to solve this problem. "Development of inclusive finance " has be firstly written into the party's governing program in The Third Plenary Session of the eighteen. In the chapter relates to financial reform also clearly stated inclusive financial development and multi-format small micro financial organizations in The 13th Five-Year Plan. By building an inclusive financial system, to provide high quality, efficient, multi-level, full coverage of financial services to support small and micro enterprises and other financial vulnerable groups, improve their ability and level of development operations, promoting the coordinated development of economy and society.In this paper, in-depth study of the relevant literature of small and micro enterprise financing and inclusive finance, we analysis the problem of small and micro enterprise which face narrow financing channels, large contradiction between supply and need, high borrowing costs, constitute an unreasonable based on the definition of small and micro enterprises. Summarize the specific practice in China's construction of an inclusive financial system to address the financing problem of small and micro enterprises in current stage, and analyzes the problems in practice, combined with China's national conditions to seek a breakthrough way, and strive to provide reasonable and feasible way for small and micro enterprises to grow. We have totally five chapters in this article, the first chapter from the research background, domestic and international trends, research, ideas and methods of working leads purpose of this paper, and points out the innovation of this paper and deficiencies. The second chapter analysis inclusive finance and the financing difficulties of small and micro enterprises in detail, analyzes the advantages of inclusive finance in promoting the financing of small and micro enterprises.The third chapter summarizes the sort of small micro-enterprise finance practice stage inclusive financial system, including the financing model based on the expansion of Internet banking, credit practice inclusive financial innovation of commercial bank, developing private finance to expand the financing channels of small and micro enterprises, financing guarantees to enhance the ability of small and micro enterprises to obtain loans, and summarizes the existing problems in practice. Chapter IV and Chapter V are the key chapters, The fourth chapter is a thinking of small micro-enterprise financing difficulty breakthrough in inclusive finance system, pointed out that the current financing legal system is imperfect, the incentive system of inclusive finance is not perfect, and the effectiveness of the supervision system is not high, which greatly reduces the financial availability of small and micro enterprises. Chapter V suggest effective and feasible countermeasures:the construction of a complete and effective small micro-enterprise financing system under inclusive finance objective include law, incentives, support, regulatory to address small and micro enterprise financing problems.
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