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Farmers' Enthusiasm For Growing Grain For The Impact Of Non-major Grain Producing Areas Of Food Subsidies

Posted on:2017-06-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2349330512961001Subject:Agricultural Extension
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In the background of a large population with little land, food security is particularly important, not only related to the demand of people's living materials, but also related to the stability of society and regime. Under the condition of market economy, the farmers' enthusiasm directly affects the country's food security. How to play the national utility of grain subsidy policy and mobilize the enthusiasm of the farmers is a prominent problem in non grain producing areas.This paper takes Anze County, the non major grain producing area, as the object of study, in the basis of learning from the related literatures of improving farmers' initiative of Grain-growing in the main grain producing areas, through field surveys and visiting the work area, researching and analyzing farmers' satisfaction on the implementation of the grain subsidy in Anze County, and combining with the surveyed farmers' personal situation and family status, using logit model, analyzing the contributing factors of the farmers' enthusiasm from the internal and external factors. The results showed that policymakers' gender and whether it is non-agricultural employment skills or not have conspicuousness to the satisfaction of grain subsidy policy and grain subsidy supporting policy, family burden, food prices, agricultural prices and planting scale, which are the main factors influencing farmers' enthusiasm for growing grain in local area. Utilizing the related factors of farmers' enthusiasm for growing grain and combining with the actual situation of the survey area, this paper puts forward increasing a variety of forms in food subsidies and expanding the scope of application of subsidies on the base of the existing grain subsidy policy; Encourage farmers to transfer land to promote the rational allocation of production factors, producing a certain scale effect; Formulate the corresponding standards of food subsidy in accordance with the price level of agricultural market; Encourage farmers to carry on the deep processing of grain, increase the added value of agricultural products; strengthen the supervision of cadres, fill the loopholes in the system of agricultural subsidy policy in the implementation process and strengthen a series of ideas and suggestions about improving farmers' enthusiasm of growing grain for grassroots cadres management in Anze county.
Keywords/Search Tags:Anze County, Food subsidies, Satisfaction Evaluation, Logit Model
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