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The Research On Property Right Of The Mixed Ownership Reform Of State Owned Enterprises

Posted on:2017-10-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2349330512974540Subject:Political economy
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State-owned enterprises dominated in the socialist economy,the current direction of the reform of state-owned enterprises in our country is mixed ownership,property rights system is its core content,it provides the operators in the process of enterprise management behavior choice and profit expectations,guide the decisions of operator in the process of enterprise management behavior,so as to influence the development of state-owned enterprises and the interests of the owners in an enterprise.So the problem of property rights reform of state-owned enterprises in our country,has important theoretical and realistic significance.In theory,property rights system is an important content of mixed ownership,also is the core content of mixed ownership reform.System of the property right system,explore different ways and methods of mixed ownership reform,under the condition of analysis system,culture,traditions and other factors on the influence of the property right reform and constraints,is helpful to enrich the theory content of mixed ownership reform of state-owned enterprises in our country,promote the theory development of mixed ownership.From a practical point of view,our country since reform and opening up forward mixed ownership reform of state-owned enterprises and state-owned enterprises of our country played an important role in the development,but is affected by various factors,the property has not been correspondingly reform of state-owned enterprises,to a certain extent harm the interests of owners-all the people,also affect the development of China’s state-owned enterprises to long-term health.Analysis of state-owned enterprise property rights problems at present stage in our country,effective way to explore the reform of property rights,to arouse the enthusiasm of operator management enterprise,effectively utilize the incentive effect of state-owned enterprise property rights,promoting the healthy and continuous development of state-owned enterprises in order to better promote the stability of the country’s social economic prosperity has important practical significance.Based on this,based on the property rights system as the research key,on the basis of theoretical analysis,case analysis,for example,research at present problems existing in the mixed ownership reform of state-owned enterprises,property right reform policy Suggestions are put forward.The full text is composed of five parts:The first part mainly introduced the selected topic background and research significance,analyzes the research status at home and abroad,to build the basic frame and main content of this article,points out the possible innovation points and existing problems.The second part defines the state-owned enterprises,the basic concepts,such as the mixed ownership and focus on the theory of property rights,the principal-agent theory and incomplete contract theory,laid the foundation theory research in this paper.The third part analyzes the mixed ownership property rights reform of state-owned enterprises in our country since the reform and opening up,first introduced the reasons,process and current situation of the development of the reform of,second from the macro level analysis of the current property right reform in the process of the problems such as unclear property right definition,unreasonable structure of property rights and property rights(ipr)protection does not reach the designated position and other major issues.The fourth part in China stone co.,LTD as a case,analyzed its property right arrangement,and to evaluate the effect of the reform.This article mainly from the board of directors and the board of supervisors system,equity structure and professional managers in three angles to study China’s state-owned enterprises under the background of mixed ownership reform property right arrangement,and respectively from the three aspects of China stone co.,LTD.,the mixed ownership reform in property right arrangement of performance analysis and obtains the corresponding Suggestions.Before the fifth part,according to the analysis of the problems arising from the property right reform process,learn from the experience and lessons of the Chinese stone co.,LTD.,put forward under the background of mixed ownership reform policy Suggestions to perfect the state-owned enterprise property rights arrangement.
Keywords/Search Tags:property rights, mixed ownership, state-owned enterprises reform, corporate governance
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