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The Research On Pricing Strategy Of Chinese High-speed Passenger Railway Transportation Based On Revenue Management

Posted on:2017-11-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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According to the "Medium and Long-term Railway Network Planning",the national high-speed railway will be increased from 19 thousand km to 30 thousand km by 2020.With the economic and social development,the past railway pricing strategy and the management mechanism of the railway sector have changed a lot.At present,although the pricing strategy of Chinese high-speed passenger railway is determined by enterprises,there still have several problems like unreasonable pricing methods,simplified pricing and low frequency of pricing adjustment.Therefore,it is necessary to research and discuss the pricing strategy of Chinese high-speed railway.Based on the revenue management,price discrimination and market segmentation theory,the paper uses the application experience of revenue management in airline industry,foreign railway enterprises and hotel industry.Combined with the present situation and problems of Chinese high-speed pricing strategy,the paper considers to make the price more market-oriented based on the revenue management theory.The research of this paper is closely combined with the special environment of high-speed railway in our country,and the paper analyzes the implementation conditions of the high-speed railway pricing strategy.In terms of passenger railway,the previous researches mainly focus on the railway before reform.Today,the railway has achieved separation between government and enterprises,and more and more passengers decide to choose high-speed passenger railway.However,researches for today's high-speed passenger railway pricing are still inadequate.According to the current changes of passenger railway,the paper helps decide pricing strategies.The conclusion is that as the main tool to regulate supply and demand in market economy,pricing does not take its own advantages.The paper proposes the adjustment of pricing strategy of Chinese high-speed passenger railway.Promote the application of revenue management pricing strategy in Chinese passenger railway industry can greatly solve the unbalanced problem between the pricing and demand,so as to improve the management efficiency and competitive advantages of railway enterprises.In conclusion,this paper aims to provide theoretical and practical guidance for Chinese high-speed passenger railway pricing strategy.
Keywords/Search Tags:High-speed Railway, Passenger Railway, Revenue Management, Market Segmentation, Price Discrimination, Pricing Strategy
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