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The Formal Beauty Study Of The Epitaph Of Li Yu

Posted on:2017-06-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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"Li Bi Epitaph" North Weizheng Guang year engraved. Because unearthed later, at the time a very low status. In recent years, although the "Bi Li Epitaph" was cooked well known, but around it and spread unearthed little information about the study it even less formal beauty.By "Li Bi Epitaph" copy compared with contemporary epitaphs, inscriptions and cliff and found that differs from other works, feel it with other works of art on the features of different aesthetic. "Li Bi Epitaph" calligraphy strong male lush, unique, style, strong personality, very worthy of our copy and creative. By repeating the temporary writing and comprehension, I think, "Li Bi Epitaph" as a regular script template-depth study of the Northern Wei Dynasty to be very valuable.The innovation of this paper is the topic of innovation, position and angle of innovation, previous studies only a brief overview of their case unearthed, no one to conduct a comprehensive analysis of a purely formal beauty of its calligraphy, precisely in order to focus on in-depth article the study.In this paper, image analysis, comparative research methods, through horizontal and contemporary inscriptions, Cliff compared longitudinally compared with epitaphs in different periods, substituting the specific image analysis, for example to demonstrate...
Keywords/Search Tags:formal beauty, stipple, Nexus of contracts, Art of composition
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