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Research On The Construction Of Rural Grassroots Party Members In Xinghe County, Wulanchabu City

Posted on:2018-03-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The construction of Party member team is not only an important part of the grass-roots party construction work,and is essential for our party practice work must not be divided.Since 1921 the establishment of China Communist Party,Party member development task is widely popular in the rural areas.The eighteen party clearly put forward a comprehensive well-off society,but the completion of this strategic objective from the fine,strictly from the real to the work of our party to implement the building of grassroots party building.The party is the key in the key,to grasp the construction of grass-roots party,must firmly grasp the grass-roots party members and the team construction of the key link.In recent years,Wulanchabu City Xinghe County farmers' lifeThe level and ideological level have improved,but in recent years due to the Xinghe County regional economic development momentum strong,Xinghe County rural construction defects of grass-roots party members has gradually emerged,limiting the rural grass-roots team in the area of construction.Therefore,the present stage is the needle has a very important significance on how to reasonable and effective the management of rural grassroots party members.This paper is on how to further strengthen and improve the construction of rural grassroots party perspective,to understand and grasp the basic situation of rural areas,farmers and rural Party members,encountered problems and reasons to explore the construction of the party members in the rural work,combined with the actual situation and the actual work on how toDo the work to put forward the theory,construction,measures of effectiveness,for Xinghe County village Party organizations to provide reference in the work of Party building.It is divided into the following sections:introduction,from the topic basis,the research significance and the research objectives and research methods were elaborated;a in this paper,the related concepts and theoretical basis of the paper;two,the basic situation of Xing County Rural Grassroots Party members,introduces the basic situation of the construction of the team;three,analysis of the current process of construction of team members in Xinghe County,and to analyze the reasons for the current problems.According to the four.XingAnd county level grassroots team building a scientific and detailed solution.
Keywords/Search Tags:Construction of the party and recruiting party members, party members in rural areas, rural party members management
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