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Search Engine Service Abuse Market Dominance Legal Regulation Research

Posted on:2018-03-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Search engines are very important in China's Internet market,and we're opening the eyes of the online world.But as a result of long-term the dominance of search engine,it has made the manipulation of search results,forced trading,malicious shielding,tying the behavior of the abuse of dominant market position,caused the market competition is very adverse effect.And due to the nature of the search engine bilateral market,its negative effects caused by not only affect the same industry other search engines,it involves the majority of consumers use search engines and on the search engine advertising business interests.Search engine itself with the public welfare nature,national trust because search engines,thoughts and actions will be guided by search engines,once the abusing its monopoly position in the search engine,to a market economy,national life caused incalculable loss.For example,in 2016,the social impact of the wei ze xi incident and the 2015 maliciously vilified 360 software event was very bad.From the perspective of the overall architecture of the whole article,first of all,this article from both at home and abroad with the search engine services related to the case of abuse of dominant market position,through the analysis of the case is pointed out that "market definition disputed","the burden of proof is not fair" is a search engine hard to win real reason antitrust case.Secondly,analysis the search engine service market structure and its abuse,abuse of dominant market position to lay the foundation for that search engine,the next search engine service is discussed the present situation and practice of the legal regulating abuse of dominant market position.Finally,in view of regulating abuse of dominant market position search engine service put forward their own thinking and Suggestions.In this paper,with theanalysis of literature,the case and comparative study of domestic and foreign relevant theory to progressive transformation of oneself to the search engine service legal regulating of the abuse of dominant market position,creatively put forward "the burden of proof upside down","class action","system" and other laws regulating measures.Without destroying the search engine,such as the Internet industry,on the basis of creativity,flexibility,to balance the search engine by means of law,the interests of the consumers and advertisers.In order to effectively regulate the search engine service manipulation of search results,with sales and other ACTS of unfair competition,the market status of search engine will no longer be abuse,really into the harmonious and stable Internet + era.
Keywords/Search Tags:anti-monopoly-legislation, Search-engine, bilateral-market, do minance, abuse
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