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Anti-monopoly Laws And Regulations On The Abuse Of Market Dominance By Internet Platforms

Posted on:2022-12-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Nowadays Internet is profoundly changing people's life,at the same time the anti-monopoly problem of the Internet platform is attracting more and more people's attention as well.Among them,the anti-monopoly problem of the abuse of the dominant market position of the Internet platform is the most likely to occur due to its own characteristics of monopoly,which may harm the normal competition of the market.Internet platforms have different technical and operational characteristics from traditional industries,such as bilateral market,network external features and lock-in effect,which challenge the anti-monopoly laws based on traditional industries.Internet platform is a dynamic platform competition model,and the formation mechanism of monopoly is completely different from that of traditional industries.There are also anti-monopoly disputes in judicial decisions.Therefore,it is necessary to make appropriate adjustments to the anti-monopoly analysis model born on the basis of traditional industries,so as to regulate the abuse of market dominance on the Internet.The analysis model of Internet abuse of dominant market position is divided into three important steps: the definition of relevant market,the determination of dominant position,and the analysis of abuse behavior.The market of Internet platform is bilateral market and the competition is dynamic.By combining the typical case of "Qihoo Vs.360",the paper demonstrated general theories and methods of these three parts respectively.The new challenges that encountered the new characteristics of Internet platform and suggestions for improvement are given in the paper.
Keywords/Search Tags:Internet platform, Abuse of dominant market position, Bilateral market, Relevant market definition, Abuse
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