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Research On Legal Issues In RCEP Negotiations

Posted on:2019-03-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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As we all know,since the beginning of the 21 st century,the Asia-Pacific region has gradually entered the world economic center,but the global economic and financial crisis brought about by the subprime mortgage crisis has had a greater degree of adverse impact on all countries,and the multi-track parallel related economic cooperation that exists in the region.The mechanism has hindered the in-depth development of the economy.With the gradual success of the transition of the international system and the implementation of the US “return to Asia Pacific” strategy,these unfavorable factors have brought about great complexity and instability to the sound development of international relations in the Asia Pacific region.Sex.Under this premise,ASEAN will formally propose RCEP negotiations in 2012 from the perspective of safeguarding its own interests.Under the background of regional economic integration,this paper focuses on the negotiation background and motivation of RCEP,including accelerating the improvement of Asia-Pacific regional cooperation mechanism,solving the difficulties faced by the APEC operating mechanism,weakening the dominant position of the United States and promoting regional economic integration,and then analyzing RCEP.Concerning the feasibility of the issue;the legal issues that are mainly involved in the RCEP negotiations mainly analyzed the issues of intellectual property protection,investment protection and dispute settlement mechanisms,and correspondingly analyzed the legal countermeasures for improving China's RCEP negotiations.From both macro and micro perspectives,the investment protection system incorporates measures such as the relaxation of market investment access,investment treatment,and investment protection.In the dispute settlement mechanism,it mainly mentions the full use of dispute settlement mechanisms that States Parties have.,and thus actively promote the RCEP negotiations.
Keywords/Search Tags:RCEP, Regional Economic Integration, Investment, Dispute Resolution Mechanism
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