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Research On The Reform Mode Of Administrative Management System In Economically Developed Towns

Posted on:2019-03-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S X LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2356330548958352Subject:Administrative Management
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AS the lowest level of grass-root government stipulated by China's Constitution,township shoulders the important mission of the development of new urbanization,the boost of urban-rural integration,and the promotion of social harmony and stability.Since the reform and opening up,with the rapid development of economy and society,more and more towns are faced with the dilemma which is the traditional administrative system reform can't adapt to the rapid development of the society.Therefore,in 2010,the central government and some provincial governments carried out the experimental reform of the developed township administrative system,aim to solving the institutional mechanism difficulties that the developed towns faced,and then exploring the new administrative system of urbanization.power enhancement of the developed town is the important practice for the administrative reform of local government and the transition of governance in our country.This paper takes experimental reform of X town in Jiangsu province as an example to do some research.In addition,the paper applies the theory of new public management,horizontal organization and governance based on the first-hand questionnaire survey and depth interview.The study found that the consolidated mode does not exist in the theory and practice for administrative system reform of the developed towns.So,the author took X town as the study object.On the one hand,summarizing the experience and value of administrative reform in X town;On the other hand,attempting to build a model for administrative system reform in developed towns.This can provide experience reference to follow-up reform and provide new method for our country's new-type urbanization.The operational model of the reform of the administrative management system of the economically developed towns that the author has built has highlighted the important changes in the organizational structure of the grassroots government.That is,adopting a flat government organizational structure,setting up " front-stage " institutions directly facing the masses,enterprises and social organizations,and " backstage " organizations that undertake the government's decision-making functions,a new organizational structure of grass-roots government has been established,which has a comprehensive set of institutions,a competent personnel establishment,a flatand efficient management,and a flexible operating mechanism.Vertically,it expounds the reconstruction of the operating mechanism of government power and the process of transformation of government functions in terms of " decentralization "," Supervision " and " service ".The main measure of " strong town expansion " lies in " decentralization ",and the higher level government gives the town government district level economic and social management authority through authorization,authorization or handing over,so that the economically developed towns can meet the needs of the increasingly heavy economic and social management tasks.After decentralization,it is necessary to establish a sound internal and external regulatory mechanism to regulate the operation of power.As the masses are the starting point and the foothold of the practice of the reform of the administrative management system of the economically developed towns,the construction of a service-oriented government has become the goal of deepening the reform of the administrative management system.To sum up,I believe that in the future economic development of the town administrative management system reform process,still need to constantly optimize the reform path,continue to promote decentralization,put the tube combination,optimize the service and continuously improve the efficiency of the grass-roots government.
Keywords/Search Tags:power enhancement of the developed town, developed towns, administrative system reform, streamline administration and delegate power
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