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The Current Situation And Countermeasures Of Softball And Softball Development In Primary And Secondary Schools In Jinan City

Posted on:2018-10-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2357330515981757Subject:Physical Education and Training
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To promote the reform of the "Physical Education and Health" curriculum in primary and middle schools,we will deepen the implementation of basic education and explore how to introduce and implement the new softball course in primary and secondary physical education.The problem is influenced by the education sector and relevant departments highly valued.Softball to retain the hardball and softball sports charm,embodies the team collaboration and personal performance of a good combination of suitable for primary and secondary schools to carry out,but also has the following characteristics: security worry,meet the requirements of the new curriculum,teaching conditions simple,Teaching methods rich,both physical and mental development,international fashion,by the majority of young people welcome and love.Softball in line with the implementation of school sports health first,student-oriented,full participation in the direction of teaching reform to meet the community,the masses to carry out the popular mass sports competition requirements,has become a school of quality education and national fitness Important content and means.Softball in our country is a new sports,in recent years,the Chinese Society of Education and the China Softball Association to promote softball into the primary and secondary school teaching system engineering.China Education Society has been included in the Eleventh Five-Year Plan,second Five-Year Plan "primary and secondary schools" sports and health "new curriculum resources promotion and application research".As the capital city of Shandong Province,Jinan urban primary and secondary softball to carry out the situation ? To rationalize the softball courses in primary and secondary schools in Jinan,the concept of the new curriculum will be better reflected in the physical education of primary and secondary schools in Jinan,and further improve the teaching work of the soft baseball and softball It is of great practical significance to provide a reference basis for the development of soft coal and softball in other second-tier cities.This paper mainly adopts the methods of literature,interview,questionnaire,and mathematical statistics to carry out a comprehensive investigation on the development of soft baseball and softball in 15 primary and secondary schools in Jinan.Through the early visit to the survey and according to Jinan City Baseballball Association that information,at present,to determine the urban areas of Jinan City,soft baseballsoftball a total of 15,including primary school: Hongjialou third primary school,Jinan South blessing primary school,Jinan East River Primary School,Jinan Yu Xiu Primary School,Jinan Xiushan Primary School,Jinan Xiajing Primary School,Shandong University Second Affiliated Primary School,Jinan Shengfu Experimental Primary School,Jinan Culture East Road Primary School,Changqing Experimental Primary School,Jinan Shadowless Hill Primary School The Middle School: Jinan fifteenth middle school,mountain high school,Jinan third middle school,Jinan seventh middle school.Through the investigation of the current situation of softball and softball in these schools,The results show that the development of softball and softball in primary and secondary schools in Jinan is not consistent.In the field equipment,teaching and competition,there are differences;Jinan urban primary and secondary softball baseball case is not ideal,the rate is low.Most schools do not have a soft baseball course,and some of the schools are popular in small areas,only part of the grade or grade elective courses.In the faculty: soft baseball softball teacher education is higher,the age structure is ideal,but the teacher's research level is low,professional softball teacher is less,most of the other professional physical education teacher.Teachers training opportunities less,and even some teachers did not participate in the regular soft baseball softball training.In the field equipment:equipment damage rate is high,the number of insufficient,can not meet the teaching needs.There is no standard soft base,most of the school is in football,basketball,track and field and other classes,which will affect the quality of teaching.Students in the degree of softball,the degree of girls like the boys,students on the soft baseball softball and pass the ball technology to master the situation than the playing ball and runner technology is better.The motivation of students to participate in softball is mainly learning skills and teamwork,exercise,improve health and so on.Jinan urban primary and secondary softball baseball game situation is not very good,mostly to the nature of the game-based,on-campus and off-campus large-scale competition less.The main factors influencing the softball and softball in primary and secondary schools in Jinan are the promotion of policy,leadership attention,site equipment,teachers,influential games and media promotion.Other factors are soft and easy to break,resulting in a shortage.Aiming at the above situation and influencing factors,several countermeasures were put forward respectively.
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