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The Inquiry Of Enterprisesí Archives Management Change Under The "New Normal"

Posted on:2017-04-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J HuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2359330485482578Subject:Archival science
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As early as the beginning of the financial crisis,Western scholars had begun to use the term "new normal" to describe the post-crisis financial and economic characteristics.The domestic scholars introduced and transformed it creatively to describe the new economic development stage of Chinaís "decline in the economic growth and improvement of the economic structure",which has been agreed in economic circles and policy level.As a kind of important economic entity,the enterprises are bound to be affected by such "new normal".Therefore,the enterprises have to adaptively adjust their work in all aspects in accordance with the economic development under the "new normal".As an important part of enterprise management,it is the core of the subject for enterprises to change and adjust their archives work to adapt to the "new normal".Based on the integrated use of literature analysis method,statistical method,field survey method and other research methods,this thesis analyses and studies the connotation,the specific performances and the countermeasures of the "new normal" of enterprisesí archives management.The whole thesis is mainly divided into five parts:The first part is the introduction,which mainly introduces the background and significance of the topic,the research status at home and abroad as well as the research methods and innovations of this thesis.The second part is the analysis of the concept and connotation of the "new normal" and the enterprisesí archives management.It focuses on the analysis of the proposal and the core idea of "new normal" and the connotation of the "new normal" of enterprisesí archives managementThe third part analyses the specific performances of the "new normal" of enterprisesíarchives management from the two perspectives of the influence of the "new normal"economy on enterprisesí archives management work itself and the presented new situation of the field of enterprisesí archives management under the influence of the internal core idea or thinking of economic "new normal".The fourth part provides reasonable recommendations for the current enterprisesíarchives management work on how to better adapt to the "new normal" from the two perspectives of how to adapt to the economic "new normal" for enterprisesí archives work and how to lead enterprisesí archives management work with the internal core idea or thinking of it.The fifth part is the summary and outlook of the whole thesis.It does a description of the existing faults of the research and the future research ideas while summarizing the whole thesis.
Keywords/Search Tags:New Normal, Enterprisesí Archives, Archives Management, Change
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