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Research On The "Double-sleeve" Management Of The Archives Of The County Government Office In The Digital

Posted on:2018-11-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X ChenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2359330542453771Subject:Public Administration
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With the pace of digital information,government departments and enterprises have produced a large number of electronic documents.In this case,the electronic file gradually replaced the paper file.However,due to the existence of their own electronic archives difficult to overcome the limitations of its legal credentials and security has not yet fully established circumstances,decided for a long period of time,two versions of the file will coexist for a long time common development.The implementation of two sets of archives management is the reality of social development needs,not only can improve the quality of the file management team,but also can achieve resource information and data sharing.Through the use of the document file "double system" management,not only can solve the current document paper and the situation in the document management system,information sharing,software technology and information retrieval problems,etc.,can also greatly improve the efficiency of file management And the quality of the work of the archives,so that the important role of the file archives in the government development to be effective play and use,to make it more standardized,procedural and digital,so as to ensure that the archives management work to meet the development needs of the county government office.This paper will find a solution to the problem through the study of the "double-set" management of the paper archives of the government documents at the county government office.These problems mainly include the management,preservation and application of the documents,and hope that the file management for the future government office Work to provide better advice,advice.At the same time,but also from the author in the usual work,the paper file read and find a lot of time to occupy and save the file when taking up a lot of space and so personal experience,hope that through the use of the file "double" Management methods,so that file management staff to get a more convenient and more effective way to operate,so as to better serve the service.This paper first introduces the concept of "two sets of system",followed by the introduction of the "double system" management practice of the office file of the county government office.It is also an analysis of the impact of the "double system" management of the office file of the county government And finally put forward the implementation strategy of "double system" management of the archives of county government office documents.Mainly from the document file "double sets of" management awareness,management standards,professional quality personnel,infrastructure construction,electronic records of the original records,security system construction and other aspects to strengthen the "double system" management implementation strategy The Therefore,it is a hot topic worthy of study and discussion in the management of the "double system" of the archives of the county government office in the digital age.It is hoped that the future research will have obvious significance and outstanding research value.
Keywords/Search Tags:digitization, paper archives, "double system" management
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