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Marx’s Critique Of Proudhon’ Ownership Theory And Practical Significance

Posted on:2017-05-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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By describing the non-financial resources, the establishment and development of the ownership, Proudhon’s theory eventually come up with an idea of "ownership is theft". He believes that ownership is derived neither from natural rights under the law,nor from who should occupy firstly, but must be met by the possession of labor and access to social recognition conditions to produce at the same time. However, in order to explain how to generate establishment and development of the ownership, Marx thinks that the ownership must be put into four links of production, exchange,distribution and consumption, otherwise it trap into a fantasy metaphysics and jurisprudence. The ownership of the production materials is the foundation of social reproduction process.Therefore, the study of the theory of ownership must be deeped into the production, exchange, distribution and consumption of four links, but can not say that ownership on ownership.The past 20 years, whether Western economists or our national economicts,mention the theory of ownership all adhered to Kos theorem. In fact, as the representative of Coase,new institutional economics is the continuation of Proudhon and other petty-bourgeois ideology, because they were caught on the methodology of metaphysics and jurisprudence fantasy. Petty-bourgeois’ ownership will not understand the relationship among all the relationships of production. Meanwhile, in the market economy of socialism,they believe that state-owned enterprises with the situation of monoply occupied high profits;while unclear property rights and responsibilities are the key reason for the loss of state assets. Whether it is respected economist neoliberal ideology of property theory, there are still admire privatization economist theory, they are small bourgeois world outlook and methodology of view,the socialist public ownership of production generate misunderstanding and wrong answers, full production, distribution, exchange and consumption of four links completely separated from only rights law concept understood in state-owned enterprises and public ownership, which is "fantasy metaphysics and jurisprudence."Therefore, in order to avoid the petty-bourgeois cliche has been some bourgeois economists with color digging out from history, to bring Chinese characteristics doctrine of flowers, in order to confuse the public, we must eliminate petty-bourgeois ideology in building socialism with Chinese characteristics of the impact, particularly misleading for SOE reform. So paper from materialist dialectics and historicalmaterialism world outlook and methodology of view, the evolution of combing through the petty-bourgeois theory of ownership, especially ownership Proudhon as an independent study the issue, described the petty-bourgeois ownership from production, distribution, exchange and limitations consumption four links in an attempt to eliminate the "metaphysics and jurisprudence fantasy" of petty-bourgeois ideology of the Chinese state-owned enterprise reform misleading.
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