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Based On Diversified Ownership Reform Of Soes

Posted on:2012-03-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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State-owned enterprise reform is the central link of economic reform in China is a socialist market economy with Chinese characteristics based. State-owned enterprises should build a modern enterprise system, the international competitiveness of enterprises, property rights reform is the focus of one of the state-owned enterprise reform. State-owned enterprises in the western provinces account for a larger share of the economy, and state-owned enterprises are mostly in Western resource companies, so a new stage of developing the western region, study the resources of the western large diversified ownership of state-owned enterprises are more theoretical and practical significance.From the article's structure, the first chapter, the problem of this study is proposed to explain the significance of the study, indicating the research ideas and methods.Chapterâ…¡Review of the theory, first reviewed the theory of state-owned enterprise reform, mainly the market reforms of state-owned enterprises and property rights reform of state-owned enterprises. Then summed up the diversity of property rights situation. Finally, the construction of socialist market economic system, which will help strengthen state control over the economy, deepen the reform of the objective requirements of state-owned enterprises, improve the corporate governance of state-owned enterprises based on four aspects of the diversity of property rights need.Chapter property right way to achieve diversification. The specific circumstances of each vary state-owned enterprises, the paper proposes four major state-owned enterprises ways to realize the diversification of production: corporate cross-holdings of state-owned enterprises, employee stock ownership system, the introduction of strategic investors and management buyouts. Property right reforms, the need to strengthen the management level of state-owned enterprises, then this chapter discusses each of the four state-owned enterprises to implement elements of diversified ownership: ownership structure model, corporate governance, incentive and restraint mechanisms, operation and state-owned assets regulatory mechanism.Yunnan Copper Group Co., Ltd. Chapter reform. This paper chooses a representative of Yunnan Copper Group, as the object of this study. Yunnan Copper Group first introduced the basic situation. Second, from the options to change and reform achievements of Yunnan Copper Group described the situation of reform. Yunnan Copper Group once again analyzed the problems faced by further reforms, such as unreasonable structure of property rights, corporate governance structure is not standardized, there is a large number of related party transactions, joint-stock transformation of the slow group level, the management chain is too long, higher agency costs. Finally, the above problems, proposed the establishment of appropriate, to further deepen the reform, such as the introduction of non-state capital, to achieve the overall market, to achieve equity incentives to rationalize state-owned equity agency relationship, the establishment of strategic alliances with business units to adapt the system structure, the implementation of related diversification strategy.The final chapter, a summary of the full text, in the hope diversification of the western property rights reform of large state-owned enterprises to make their own little modest, and post-research prospects.State-owned enterprise reform is a systematic and comprehensive project, because my time is limited knowledge and research capacity, there may be some point to be considered, further in-depth research and discussion, the experts hope to give criticism and to express my sincere thanks!...
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