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The Cultural Conflict Research Of M&A Between Danone And Wahaha

Posted on:2016-01-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Economic globalization is an obvious feature of contemporary social and economic development.Especially with the wide application of computer and communication technology in various industries, close degree is the growing economic interaction. Cross-border M&A as one of the effective ways to develop large-scale enterprise, the individual is not only the world economic integration results, and enterprises to the international important strategic step.Danone announced in 2007 that forced mergers and acquisitions of Wahaha.Although under extreme against Wahaha and danone acquisition does not succeed, but we can see the trend of mergers and acquisitions climax, and analysis of the hidden behind the merger and acquisition related cultural conflict problem.With increasing pattern of enterprise merger and acquisition, merger and acquisition presents unprecedented pace and trend.The reasons for the success of M&A failures and diverse.But according to the survey, the cultural conflict problem is a cause of M&A failure is critical.Current at the time of merger, acquisition and reorganization, the enterprise decision makers tend to focus on product technology integration, marketing, financial level, such as dominant and solve the problem of thinking, often ignore the cultural differences of both sides M&A, and little in view of the cultural conflict problems to do planning and preparedness.And finally found that just is the cultural conflict caused the failure of the enterprise after M&A.Through combing the domestic and foreign experts and scholars for enterprises transnational mergers and acquisitions, corporate culture, cultural differences and cultural conflict and cultural integration theory research, to the enterprise mergers and acquisitions, cross-border mergers and acquisitions, corporate culture conflict theory analysis, the basis of the concept, characteristics and significance of enterprise culture are studied, studied the basic theory of M&A enterprise cultural differences and cultural conflict, to the enterprise transnational merger and acquisition of the cultural differences and cultural conflict is analyzed, combining with Danone Wahaha's actual case, analysis the cause of the transnational merger and acquisition, transnational merger and acquisition of Danone Wahaha cultural conflict is analyzed, compared the M&A enterprise cultural differences between the two sides, from four aspects analyzes the Danone Wahaha transnational merger and acquisition of the embodiment of cultural conflict.Cultural conflict of transnational merger and acquisition of Danone Wahaha countermeasure research, proposed the enterprise principles to solve the cultural conflict in transnational mergers and acquisitions and mode choice.
Keywords/Search Tags:Transnational merger and acquisition, Cultural differences, Cultural conflict
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