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The Research Of Transnational Corporations In Chinese To Implement Cross-cultural Management

Posted on:2007-06-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J Q LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2179360182982510Subject:Marxist theory and ideological and political education
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Accelerating process of globalization and the further development of China's economic construction, a growing number of multinational companies to invest and set up factories, while some Chinese enterprises have also begun to go out of the country and added to the globalization competition. In transnational business process, whether in China or overseas Chinese multinational corporations TNCs will encounter cross-cultural management issues. This issue can be properly resolved as a key to the impact of transnational business. Thus, cross-cultural management has been growing business scholars attention. The Chinese companies mainly in the state of cross-cultural management research and analysis to be able to create a win-win for the purpose of cross-cultural management and hope to those who study the subject in some overseas Chinese enterprises operating on.All in the course of the study using a combination of the oretical and empirical analysis, combining qualitative and quantitative analysis methods, more systematic in-depth study of cross-cultural management and related theory. On this basis the United States, Japan and Germany cultural differences, conflict management and cultural patterns, cultural integration briefly analysed. At the same time relying on theoretical models of transnational corporations in Chinese enterprises in the implementation of cross-cultural management encountered many problems, and put forward the implementation of cross-cultural management and management strategy.The full text is divided into 5 parts : The first part, on cross-cultural management research on the history and status, and that its research significance;Part of the culture and its related concepts elaborated, and the domestic and foreign scholars and experts on cross-cultural management theory;The third part, on cross-cultural management of the cultural differences and cultural causes of conflict, performance and impact of the system to the United States, Japan, Germany, for example, a detailed analysis of the characteristics of the three countries enterprise management model;Part IV, as part of this core. In reference to the many scholars and experts based on the theoretical study made cross-cultural management mode and managemcnt strategies, cross-cultural management that the ultimate goal is to reach a common cultural integration and enterprise culture. Part V is the conclusion of a summary of the text, noting that the topic innovations, and made the cross-cultural management problems.
Keywords/Search Tags:cultural differences, cultural conflict and cultural integration, cross-cultural management
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