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The Research On The Innovation Thought Of Marxism And Its Contemporary Value

Posted on:2018-04-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2359330512473265Subject:Basic principles of Marxism
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Only innovation could make progress,get stronger and win the battle.Innovation,has been put into a core position since the Eighteenth National Congress of the CPC held,which become the spirit of the nation.Therefore,working hard on innovation will be good to improve the ability of innovation in China,and have a significant meaning to construction of China.The process of the world’s development has already changed from investigate drive and element drive to innovate drive,and become the most important part.China set the goal of innovation country under the thought of Marxism,it did prove the correct of innovation of Marxism.Innovation,as the most valuable part of the Marxism,not only a motivation of country’s prosperity but also a source to keep the party alive.The thought of innovation is an important part in Marxism,which contains technology,system,economy,culture and lots of fields.Conclude the deep thoughts inside could help us to improve the Marxism and lead a way for us to provide the new direction to the constriction of country.Under the background of this new century,the paper focus on the country’s situation,as it research on the innovation of the Marxism,meanwhile,research on its value.Firstly,this paper states the conception,the development,and the construction of innovation.And then,we turn the sight of its value of research and practice.Two parts of research on the value of the Marxism,the influence of the innovation to the western and its value and influence to China.The value of practice contains three parts.Firstly,from the aspect of the innovation development around the world,researching on this has a guiding effect on both the concept and the way of innovative development.Secondly,from the aspect of innovation-oriented country,emphasizing this plays a leading role.Thirdly,from the aspect of innovative talents,analyzing this has cultivating value on the innovative subjects’ thought and the personality.
Keywords/Search Tags:Marxism, Innovation thought, Theoretical effect, Practical value
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