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Based On Endeavor And Incentive’s Sharing Mechanism Of Green Supply Chain Coordination Strategy

Posted on:2017-02-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the rapidly developed,the traditional supply chain’s ’high resource consumption,high environmental losses and high emissions’ operation mode caused environmental problems have become increasingly prominent.How to implement the sustainable development of green supply chain management has gradually become the focus of government and society.Consumers living standards has continued to improving,green consumption concept initially in the consumer to established,public substantially increased the product green degree requirements,low green degree of products has been difficult to meet the increasing consumer demand.Countries around the world have given a certain incentive subsidies to encourage green sustainable development of enterprises or the choice of green consumption of consumers.The United States declared that the production cost of 20%to 30%about clear production of green products can be used to offset the tax.Taking implementation of green manufacturing and purchasing green products can also enjoy 10%to 40%of the tax cuts.Canadian government has purchased for new energy vehicles consumers the amount of 1000-2000 per unit for cash subsidies since 2007.The United Kingdom has encouraged the family of independent power generation,the British government on the market price of 7%to 8%of the proportion of the family to carry out appropriate incentives and subsidies.In 2013,China promulgated the "Interim Measures" low carbon product certification management and issued "on the issuance of remanufactured products".Guangming Daily also pointed out,financial subsidies for green products to bring greater market share,directly promote the development of green technology,reduce the cost and the price of green products,the compensation of manufacturing enterprises for the cost of environmental governance.The government subsidies to green products for manufacturing enterprises has a great influence,the government vigorously develop the green economy environment,enterprises have their own power to implement the green supply chain.Panasonic will be the first consideration of environmental protection in the development of enterprises,the implementation of green development under the business innovation model.GREE has invested 3 billion 560 million yuan to the construction of Tianjin green renewable resource recycling companies.Haier group has been on the part of the series of green energy saving appliances.In view of this,how to carry out effective external incentive subsidies,stimulate manufacturing enterprises to increase profits of green supply chain by internal efforts become the practical problems of government and manufacturing enterprises.Government and enterprises to promote the development of green manufacturing,to explore the environment and the development of the balance of the green ecological road is necessary.By constructing the linear and the nonlinear mathematical model of subsidies allocation mechanism of manufacturer’s internal cost and external incentive efforts based on the government,consider the internal efforts to market demand and product prices are key variables such as the direct and indirect effects of dispersed,concentrated green supply chain coordination and three case decision strategies.The study shows that the allocation mechanism of internal efforts and incentive subsidies can improve the profits of the whole supply chain in the interior;to separate effects of market demand,allocation mechanism and incentive subsidies to manufacturers no significant improvement in the supply chain;to dual independent effect of market demand and product prices in the internal,sharing mechanism can coordinate the supply chain,and realize the price reduction and increased demand for a win-win situation;when the internal efforts,interactions with market demand the product price,there exists a linear relationship between the incentive coefficient and cost coefficient of effort.Finally,using numerical results verify the conclusions,in order to build Green supply chain in manufacturing advantage status of enterprises to provide decision support,to the government and making the practical application in the enterprise put forward feasible suggestions.In the future,you can also continue to pay attention to adding a retailer of three-level supply chain and a manufacturer and two suppliers diversified supply chain coordination strategy.
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