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Small And Micro Businesses Financing Difficulties Of Small And Medium-sized Banks To Ease The Service Innovation

Posted on:2018-09-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Since the reform and opening up,China's economic development has made remarkable achievements,China can achieve such achievements,small and micro enterprises bear the important contribution to economic efficiency and innovation to promote the key responsibility.Small and micro enterprises as the boosters and stabilizers of economic development are playing an increasingly important role in absorbing employment,promoting economic growth,meeting the needs of individual consumption,and stabilizing the society.But Small and micro businesses(especially micro enterprises)has fixed assets proportion of assets is not high,the operation is not standardized,small scale,high business risk characteristics,China's commercial banks to Small and micro businesses financial service system has not been perfect,it is difficult to meet the financing needs of Small and micro businesses,hindered the healthy and stable development of small and micro enterprise.This article mainly from the small and medium-sized banks and Small and micro businesses development reality,based on the research of our current situation,problems and innovative services for small and medium-sized banks Small and micro businesses financing difficulties and their causes,from the three aspects of micro enterprises,analysis of China's government,bank Small and micro businesses financing for an exploration of the existing problems in-depth study Small and micro businesses financing difficulties,and the Bank of Huzhou cut case,analysis of small and micro enterprises financing innovation means,experience summary and problems.Finally,from the financial innovation and policy protection to solve the financing difficulties of small and micro enterprises solutions.Research shows that financial innovation is an important driving force to promote the development of commercial banks,continue to move forward,the small and medium-sized banks to further strengthen Small and micro businesses loans self construction,reform and innovation management system construction,in order to maximize the improvement of Small and micro businesses financing difficulties.The bank focuses on innovation of small and medium-sized requirements simplify the application procedures,improve the efficiency of examination and approval,to establish Small and micro businesses credit audit mechanism,the credit policy more flexible,flexible use of funds,the repayment time,provide long-term financial support and comprehensive financial services,reduce the cost of financing.In addition,the government departments should also through differentiated supervision,improve the legal system,establishing and perfecting the credit guarantee system,effectively strengthen fiscal support,create a good environment for the development of financial and other efforts to promote financial reform and innovation Small and micro businesses.In this paper,the combination of macro and micro analysis,systematic research,case analysis and literature research methods,through the innovation of small and medium-sized banks quality and content services,to help our Small and micro businesses based on the basis of improving the quality of their own enterprises,some suggestions can be put forward to the development of small and medium-sized banks to support Small and micro businesses,explore the small and medium-sized banks and small micro enterprise symbiotic mechanism of win-win development,to have a good reference the significance and practical significance to solve the information asymmetry,the existing bank financing system innovation.The innovation of this paper is the Small and micro businesses and commercial bank financing for small and micro enterprises financial services theory theory of the theoretical framework of this paper analyzes the vertical progressive,from the three aspects of micro enterprises,government,Bank of China Small and micro businesses financing is more comprehensive.Difficulties and deficiencies in the actual research process,the current situation of the financing of small and micro enterprises,the latest authoritative and comprehensive data is difficult to obtain effective.Because there are many differences between small and micro enterprises,Huzhou bank development time is short,the management level is not high,the Bank of Huzhou as a case study is not systematic and comprehensive analysis.
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