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Research On Financing Optimization Strategy Of Small And Micro Enterprises In Bank Of Changsha

Posted on:2017-06-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y H ZhouFull Text:PDF
GTID:2359330542467612Subject:The MBA
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Small and micro businesses is an important force for promoting and maintaining social stability and steady development of the national economy,play an important role in economic prosperity,active market,stimulating employment,improving people's livelihood,narrowing the gap between rich and poor.Small and micro businesses of their own small scale,large number and high degree of industry concentration,affected by external environment etc.based on the financing requirements are "short,small,frequent and urgent,the financing of the short term,small amount,high frequency,aging,resulting in Small and micro businesses financing difficulties.Local commercial banks as the main financing channels for small and micro enterprises,should be based on the characteristics of the development of small and micro enterprises and financing needs to provide comprehensive,diversity,diversity of services.However,due to the factors between Small and micro businesses financing needs diversification,guarantee ability is low,the financial system is not perfect,the bank and the enterprise information asymmetry,resulting in difficult loans of local commercial banks in.Based on this,this paper aims to explore the local commercial banks how to solve the problem of financing Small and micro businesses,the first analysis of its theoretical basis,followed by an analysis of the status and find out the reasons,and then further analyzed by Changsha bank microfinance center case,from the present experience introduction to the problem,and finally puts forward some feasible countermeasures.Through the case of Changsha bank small and micro enterprise credit business.These countermeasures and suggestions will be helpful to improve the existing Changsha bank Small and micro businesses credit business model,to achieve Changsha bank Small and micro businesses financial services toward large-scale,high efficiency,high quality"direction.This research has theoretical and practical significance.It is significant to improve the financing environment of small and micro enterprises,strengthen the competitiveness of local commercial banks and strengthen the relationship between the real economy and financial markets.
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