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The Development Strategy Research Of CRRC Tianjin Equipment Company

Posted on:2017-10-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q ChenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2359330518466125Subject:Enterprise organization and strategic management
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Because of national policies and the market direction,the proportion of the rail transport in China's transportation industry is bigger and bigger.Then the rail transportation equipment manufacturing company also began to rise and became flourishing.The development of rail transportation equipment directly relates the development of rail transportation industry,so the study of the quality technology of the rail transportation equipment is particularly important.CRRC Tianjin Equipment Company is a power stronger orbit equipment manufacturing and research and development enterprise in domestic,but as the track to decrease of overall manufacturing costs,improve product requirements,open market competition increasing,and a series of factors,the company appeared disadvantages in each aspect.Therefore developing a scientific and rational enterprise development strategy is particularly important in the current situation.Taking CRRC Tianjin Equipment Company as the research object,through the overall research of the rail transport equipment manufacturing industry and internal cognition and evaluation on the company,and the system analysis of the development strategy,at last this article put forward the corresponding enterprise development strategy using a series of management research methods.First of all,the development of the company is described and then it introduced the related concepts of research used in the article.It used Boston matrix to analyze the company's products,and used the IFE matrix to the structure of the company.The PEST analysis method was used on the analyzing of the company's industry environment,and the method of SWOT was used to analyze their own strengths,weaknesses,external opportunities and threats.At last the article make strategy formulation for CRRC Tianjin Equipment Company,implemented overseas market strategy and product outsourcing strategy.According to the formulation of strategy the article put forward the feasible measures to strengthen technological innovation,the adjustment of product structure and the modern supply chain management mode,strengthen the management of a variety of means,pay attention to the introduce and training of the talents and so on.In this paper,through a series of research process and method,it makes the system planning for CRRC Tianjin Equipment Company in the near future and long-term development.Based on a series of scientific and reasonable strategy,it plans to make the company's profits have leap ascension.The company's product quality management and after-sales service is more comprehensive,and its enterprise brand image also has a wider range of influence in the industry,and occupy the favorable position in the international market competition,at the same time in the domestic market competition of the comprehensive environment it has always been at the leading level in the industry standard.
Keywords/Search Tags:The railway transportation equipment, The analysis method of PEST, The analysis method of SWOT, Strategy formulation
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