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The Studying Of Township Land Space Division

Posted on:2018-03-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2359330518475382Subject:Human Geography
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With the urban infrastructure construction and industrial layout adjustment,China's urbanization of large-scale rapid development at the same time,also faced with the deterioration of the ecological environment,land and space use disorder and other issues,in order to solve these problems,the state put forward a new urbanization Roads,ecological civilization construction,"multi-regulation integration" and other initiatives to strengthen the land space optimization and enhance the quality of land space development and utilization.As a space carrier and construction object of urbanization construction and ecological civilization construction,the classification of land space is not only the epitome of the goal and intention of land use,but also has some policy orientation.Since the country put forward the "multi-regulation integration",the land space on the rational development and utilization of new requirements have been put forward.This paper studies the classification of land and space in different stages of development and different departments in China,and reviews the relevant studies on the division of land space types by domestic scholars.According to the study of land space development and management in the new period,put forward the living space,the ecological space and the production space three kinds of primary space.The urban living space,the rural living space and the tourism leisure living space three kinds of second living spaces;second production space includes the agricultural production space,the forest production space,the horticultural production space,the aquatic production space,the livestock production space and the industrial production space;second ecological space includes the water storage space,ecological space of water conservation,soil and water conservation space and biodiversity conservation ecological space,a total of 13 classes second space.And select the evaluation factor to establish the suitability evaluation index system of the secondary land space type.Taking the Dahua Town as an empirical study,the index data of each secondary space were collected and the weight was determined by the entropy method.With the support of ARCGIS10.2,the suitability of the whole area was evaluated by suitability evaluation Analysis of the map,the superposition of the suitability of the analysis of the combination of various types of space scale and Dahua town of hydrology,geomorphology,economy and other actual Dahua town of land and space types of layout,and put forward the corresponding control measures.To achieve the new situation,under the new concept of land space planning,development and utilization and control to provide the basis and reference purposes.
Keywords/Search Tags:Land Space, Classification System, Suitability Evaluation, Dahua Town
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