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Optimized Allocation Of Rural Land Use Space In Town Area

Posted on:2021-05-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2439330623973918Subject:Human Geography
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Nowadays,the land use space has undergone tremendous changes under the rapid development of economy,society and urbanization.The problems of land quality decline,land wasteland and ecological environment deterioration have occurred in the process of land use,which has seriously affected the economic,social and ecological development.Therefore,the problem of land use needs to be solved urgently,and the spatial pattern of land use needs to be optimized urgently.In recent years,new research on land use space planning has been emerging,and the strategy of "rural revitalization" has been put forward and implemented,and the town-scale land use space has gradually received more attention.However,most of the relevant studies only focus on the quantitative structure of land use or land suitability evaluation,not related to the actual local development.Land use space optimization allocation needs to be adapted to local conditions from multiple perspectives in a planned and targeted way,clearing regional land use direction and putting forward optimization measures.On the basis of which the land use space optimization allocation is more scientific and realistic.Taking Tingzi town in Dachuan district as the study area,based on the present situation of land use in 2018,this paper firstly analyzes the land use characteristics of Tingzi town from three aspects:land use quantity structure,spatial structure and temporal and spatial dynamics.The quantitative structure of land use is analyzed from three aspects:land use diversification,concentration and utilization degree;the spatial structureof land use is analyzed by using landscape fragmentation,dimension division and separation degree;and the spatial and temporal dynamics of land use in Tingzi town from 2008 to 2018 are analyzed by three indexes:dynamic degree,relative change rate and land use degree change.Secondly,the suitability evaluation of the land in Tingzi town is carried out.Based on the spatial analysis function of ArcGis software,the evaluation results of suitability of agricultural land and construction land are obtained.Through land suitability evaluation,we can grasp the land suitability status and land development requirements of each region,and provide the data basis for the research on optimal allocation in the following text.Furthermore,the land use space of Tingzi town is zoned.A comprehensive evaluation index system including natural,socio-economic and ecological factors was established,and 16 administrative villages in Tingzi town were divided into construction development area,agricultural economic area and ecological control area by principal component-hierarchical cluster analysis method.By summarizing the development characteristics of each district,we find the development direction of land use in each region under the action of many factors.Finally,using land use zoning as the basic framework to optimize the allocation of land use space in Tingzi town.On the basis of land use status and land suitability evaluation,the problem diagnosis of land use status in Tingzi town is carried out.According to the development direction of each land use zoning and the land use problem,the land use space is optimized from four aspects:the optimization of land use quantity structure,the adjustment of space layout,the unreasonable land use transformation and policy planning,and the residents' willingness to guide the land adjustment.From the two aspects of land use quantity structure and spatial structure,the optimal allocation results are compared and analyzed with the land use status before optimization.Through the comparison results,we can see that the optimized land use space can be better combined with the local economy,society and ecology.The result of optimal allocation has scientific feasibility,which can provide reference and suggestion for the future development direction of land use space and the planning of land use space at village level.
Keywords/Search Tags:Land use space, Land suitability evaluation, Land use regionalization, Optimized configuration, Tingzi town
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