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Research On Willingness To Use Mobile Payment Based On Technology Acceptance Model

Posted on:2018-10-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2359330518475808Subject:Information Science
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With the rapid advancement of mobile Internet and the popularity of mobile terminals, the number of mobile payment users surge, China has more than 455 million mobile payment users until 2016. Mobile payment market has broad prospects for development, different service providers try to improve their market share in this fierce competition, how to attract and stabilize customers in this fully competitive market has become a urgent problem to be solved for mobile payment providers. Therefore, studying the influence factors of attitude of users to use mobile payment, and accordingly putting forward the corresponding strategy to encourage and promote the use of mobile payment,can not only provide decision support for mobile payment service providers , but also to elevate China's mobile payment industry.This article through to the existing, summarized the related research and summary of research model is put forward.The main contents are as follows:The first chapter,the paper selected topic background,research significance,research status at home and abroad, the research goal, research methods are introduced.The second chapter, on the basis of research in the field of combing mobile payment model selection TAM and UTAUT as the basis of this study,according to a new era under the background of the consumer characteristics of the introduction of new theories,including aware of safety theory, the individual innovative theory and interest theory, and expounds the theory.The third chapter, the final selection of perceived usefulness, perceived ease of use,perceived security, individual creativity, social influence, perceived interest and willingness to use seven variables to build mobile payment using the will of the model,and put forward the hypothesis.The fourth chapter, using SPSS22.0 to analyze 240 valid questionnair,andverifying hypothesis.The fifth chapter,to discuss the results of the study, and look forward to the future research. The results show that perceived usefulness and perceived safety are the most critical factors that affect the willingness to use. Enterprises should expand the application scenarios of mobile payment to meet the diversified needs of users. At the same time, we should make full use of new technologies to improve the security of mobile payment, take measures to win the users' trust, and enhance the user's perception of security. The newly introduced perceived interest and individual innovation have a positive impact on the willingness to use,indicating that mobile payment APPS should enhance the degree of fun to enhance the users' experience in the future.Individuals with high degree of innovation are willing to accept and recommend new technology, and they should be regarded as key customers.
Keywords/Search Tags:mobile payment, use intention, perception of interest, individual innovation
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