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Lmprove The Countermeasure Research Of The Lanzhou Branch Of China Citic Bank Marketing Management

Posted on:2017-03-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The bank is closely linked with our life.The banking industry is gradually extending from the most basic financial institutions,its functions service features highlighted gradually,the competition between banks is also increasing,especially as commercial bank.In order to gain more potential large customers occupy the market,expand the scope of business income is profit maximization,on the one hand,continue to expand,do good service marketing,and more is to launch a wide range of products.In recent years,the rapid economic development in our country,more and more commercial bank established in Lanzhou.Now began to snatch the financial market,Lanzhou branch of China citic bank management and how to marketing situation? Citic bank as a competitive business in Lanzhou region,how in the face of fierce competition still remain invincible.The company what measures should be taken,unapt atrophied position facing the market share? This article is through the current situation and the future development trend of Lanzhou branch of China citic bank of of specific in-depth interpretation and express my feelings.We all know that banks offer is financial services,is a kind of intangible service,but not actually touch something,this determines its business has unique characteristics of this industry.In the development also has its own pattern.So,when I was in the marketing plan and the way to learn to use the mode can not be used,selling tangible products.The bank must first determine the good development direction,and then use the most efficient way to attract new customers,to retain old customers all have practical solutions to promote.In fact,if each bank’s basic business are similar to sustainable development in the fierce competition,it must have the special uniqueness,there are five different from other banks,can attract more customers.Citic bank,as the main force of the development of the retail banks in the premise to seize the market share and give full play to the advantage of retail business,and become the leader in Lanzhou region financial industry retail battlefront.But as the financial industry is also facing a severe test of arousal,citic bank,how to operate the future development prospects and trends? In this paper,these banks used for the strategic target,compared to banking and in marketing research,Lanzhou branch of China citic bank can help,in the marketing strategy.At the same time can also help them in the fierce market competition.The thesis is launched against the market marketing strategy theory and system analysis.First introduces the development trend of macroscopical economy,financial industry and analyzes the impact of this trend for the future banking development.Then,with detailed analysis of specific data and various marketing model of the implementation of specific marketing strategy.This shows that,in theory,Lanzhou branch of China citic bank to study under the combination of the implementation of the marketing development strategy and business development and development.Then the specific analysis of the internal and external environment called Lanzhou branch of China citic bank,detailedly and analysis,and then use SWOT model to study the potential analysis of optimal slightly in citic bank market,marketing environment.Then the current situation and problems of China citic bank marketing management is painstaking analysis research,in order to further comprehensive development of future marketing,China citic bank to enlightenment.Finally,reading Lanzhou branch of aggrandizement citic bank marketing management countermeasures.
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