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Credit Risk Assessment Of Small And Medium Enterprises In Commercial Banks

Posted on:2018-02-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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China financial reform and opening up in an orderly way,the innovation of financial products change rapidly,competition among commercial banks increasing pressure,financial risk prevention and control work is essential.The small and medium-sized enterprise is an important participant and contributor to the national economic construction,but there are still many disadvantages than large enterprises,so that the credit risk is generally high and pose a challenge to the bank's credit risk assessment.To assess the credit risk of small and medium-sized enterprisesplay a significant role to controlrisk in the bank,to managesafety,to improve profit.Therefore,this paper from the perspective of commercial banks,to the subject of the small and medium-sized enterprise credit risk assessment carried out in-depth study.This paper first describes the research background and significance,shows the domestic and foreign literature review,makes known the research ideas and methods,points out the possible innovation and deficiencies.In the part of literature review,from the choice of evaluation model,evaluation indicators and evaluation of small and medium sized enterprises in three aspects of segmentation literature at home and abroad.Secondly,starting from the perspective of commercial banks,on the subject of the small and medium-sized enterprise credit risk assessment to explore the theory and method of step by step,defines the scope of SMEs and analyzes their characteristics,summarizes the concept,characteristics and types of SME credit risk,and explores the internal and external causes of its formation.Based on the liquidity of bank assets,the importance of information collection and the application of evaluation model,expounds the theory of asset liability management,the theory of asymmetric information and the theory of credit risk evaluation under the new Basel Capital Accord as the theoretical basis of this paper,and introduces the basic idea of credit risk assessment of SMEs in commercial banks.Objectives,principles,significance and trends are included.After introducing and comparing 6 kinds of credit risk assessment methods,The general Logit model and panel data Logit model are selected as the credit risk assessment method,and its advantages and applicability are explained in detail.Then,because of Anhui province belongs to the undeveloped area,under the pressure of economic downturn,the development of small and medium enterprises are facing more challenges,the credit risk is generally high,small and medium-sized enterprises in Anhui Province are typical.Therefore,this paper takes 44 listed SMEs in Anhui as samples,designs 30 indexes from two aspects of financial indicators and non-financial indicators,selects 10 key indicators trough the correlation test and stepwise regression method.To construct the general Logit model and the panel data Logit model,the regression analysis and predictive ability test are carried out,and the two models are compared for two aspects: regression result and prediction ability.Finally,the main conclusions are as follows.One is the panel data Logit model is better than the general Logit model as the predictive ability of SME credit risk assessment model.Two is the small and medium-sized enterprise solvency indicators,profitability indicators and indicators of operational capacity will have significant influence on the occurrence and credit risk.Three is the financial index,which is more suitable than the non financial index to be included in the commercial bank SME credit risk assessment model.Through the analysis of theory and methods,index design and selection,model building and testing,etc.This paper put forward some suggestions for commercial banks:Designing a clear idea of SME credit risk management and evaluation system,completing the small and medium-sized enterprise credit database,establishing a specialized credit rating team for SMEs.
Keywords/Search Tags:Commercial bank, Credit risk, The listing of small and medium-sized enterprises in Anhui Province
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